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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. LM 4EVA <3
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  2. It was on the product page though…
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  3. Ugh I missed my vinyl delivery and now I need to wait until Monday for it to be redelivered!
  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The Galantis remix is hardly that different...
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  5. So the clear cassette inside the boxset comes with the standard artwork. I thought it was going to be the box artwork as advertised.
  6. The video’s cute! Love when they go all sassy! The song has been an obsessive bop for me and I cannot get enough of Perrie’s ad-libs at the end.

    It’s been such a thrill witnessing their artistic growth over the past ten years. They’ve improve ten fold as vocalists and performers — and have charisma for ages. It's so weird listening to DNA tracks again because it was so Perrie-heavy; glad they had better vocal distribution in subsequent albums.

    Also, not sure if it bothered anyone else, but I've always been annoyed that Perrie (and Jade) never performed the high belt on the bridge of Wings live. They always resorted to a headier tone for "They're just like water off my wings" when the studio version is a high, mixed belt. But it's obviously a non-problem in the context that Wings still pops off, but the vocal geek in me always noticed it.
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  7. Did they do any actual signed vinyl sleeves for Confetti? I’ve held off ordering a vinyl to see what they’d do on release week, but I think I may have clowned myself out of getting one of the Amazon orange vinyls by waiting.
  8. For anyone that ordered the Spotify green vinyl:
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  9. So no one is getting their green vinyl this week? Mess.
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  10. Spotify Fans First? More like "Spotify Fans can Wait.".
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  11. The vinyl is being sent this week, the numbered print is being sent next week.

    Also, I’ve seen tweets where people have received Leigh’s picture disk and they have been misprinted to include Perrie’s bonus tracks that she picked. May be worth checking yours when you receive it.
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  12. I read it as the numbered sleeves are not ready for any shipping to take place before the 22nd? Because mess if they just sent the vinyl first and the paper thin print later.
  13. Their Attitude interview confirms that even if they go off and do solo ventures, they will always get back together... Fingers crossed that pleases everybody.
  14. “We can’t see our lives without each other…”. LM 4EVA
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  15. So, I ordered 2 signed cd’s from Amazon when they first went up and they’ve just arrived. No signatures on them whatsoever. I’m livid!

    Jokes aside have you checked inside the booklet??? Dddd I leave my stuff sealed so I've found myself always having to ask this bit.
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  17. People definitely are receiving the green. Jade’s pink is great, not so keen on Perrie’s blue.

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