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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. The Touch video was such a disappointment, especially after we waited so long for it. The exact same thing happened with Secret Love Song the year before.
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  2. My pink Jade vinyl has arrived. It’s absolutely gorgeous.
  3. And it happened again with Think About Us two years later...(although at least it looked polished and sleek).
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  4. Yes but Touch had Director X and Parris Goebel in choreography, it was probably very expensive. Now they are working with random directors as if they're some indie act. Not that this is the biggest problem - even though he's a big name I don't think Director X for example has done esquisite work with them - but it's clear the budget just isn't there.
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  5. I guess I’m in the minority but I don’t mind their 1-set music videos as long as they serve. And the ladies do serve.

    I thought “Think About Us” looked more like a phone commercial than an actual video, I prefer the vertical.
  6. Also Sweet Melody might only be one set and one outfit but holy fuck I would literally change nothing about that video. The girls completely owned it in every way possible.
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  7. Sweet Melody cost 50p and is still their best video. Shout Out probably had half a mili spent and it looks like an Instagram ad. Budget isn't everything - though it does help.
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  8. I agree budget isn't everything but it is a bit irritating how they don't have budget thrown at them for most of their videos with RCA whilst being one of the most profitable acts in the music industry in the UK.
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  9. RMK


    As long as the final product showcases a great performance, an appropriate concept, quality editing, and is available in 1080p, I'm down.
  10. i screamed
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  11. Every once in a million years there would come a perfect pop music video that ticks all of the following:
    - The music bops.
    The choreo
    - The color palette
    - The cinematography
    - The styling choice
    - The artists' delivery.

    Luckily we got one from our girls for Sweet Melody. The one for Confetti feat. Saweetie is almost perfect too, just that it doesn't have the exciting editing that the former does.

    To be honest I think they got us spoiled because when I listen to No, those two videos have the exact visuals that I have in mind for the song.
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  12. Sweet Melody is the all-round, perfect package the same as Work From Home was.
  13. Work From Home had one outfit, one set, but the ladies Delivered. Sweet Melody (and Touch, fight me) has exactly that. I love it when the pop girls get it so right with a basic concept. All it takes is charisma, choreography, and a brilliant song
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  14. They probably have a deal that lets them earn more and spend on videos less.
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  15. Everything about Sweet Melody works perfectly.
  16. RMK


    It would suck if they fell prey to CGI as the blueprint it has become nowadays.
  17. Yeah the Sweet Melody video is the closest they got to a perfect video and I do think it should become the blueprint for their MVs if they keep going. Stuff like that, CL's Hello Bitches and LISA's Money is gay catnip.

    Work From Home is also one outfit but they shot in a lot of different spaces (like Confetti) so it doesn't look as cheap as Sweet Melody.
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  18. Does anyone know where I can order the Deluxe version of the Vinyl in the US? I’m having a hard time finding it.
  19. Sweet Melody doesn't look cheap.
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  20. The deluxe? I don’t think you can?

    I think the only vinyl editions available are that of the standard track listing, and then the girls’ individual track lists.
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