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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. I’ve had an email about the Spotify vinyl:

  2. Dddd just opened my Jade LP and cassette from their store and it's two picture discs instead of the pink LP?

    It's beautiful but I wanted the cover with all three. Does anyone know the best way to contact them for a replacement?
  3. Has anyone not even had a dispatch email from the official store yet?

    I got my green pressing which I ordered separately but I’m waiting on the picture discs, signed deluxe and Jade cassette which was all ordered together.

    I know we’re still in the middle of the pandemic - I am happy to wait, just scared I won’t get the signed deluxe!
  4. My Jade picture disc got cancelled due to “supply issues”. I’d love to buy one of you, if possible?
  5. If I can get my original and they don't make me send this one back, I'd be happy to!
  6. Ah, brilliant. Thank you so much.
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  7. I’ve seen so many tweets with people saying they’ve had the wrong thing delivered, vinyls are bashed, signatures are missing, no shipping confirmation… like what a mess.
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  8. These new tracks really are top tier. Loving them all.

    Really hope this isn’t the end for them. Listening to all their hits together really highlights what a juggernaut they are.
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  9. Some people are receiving random vinyls (Elvis, Amy Winehouse), instead of their Between Us vinyls from Amazon dddd
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  10. Jesy Stans found working at both the Amazon warehouse and their official store.

    Kidding, but what the hell is going on? Haven’t seen distribution problems like this since Siobhan’s Ghosts.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    No is fiiiiire, and the video is good - all 3 just look so beautiful and I'd never get bored of seeing them together.
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  12. Why is the digital deluxe so much different than the physical? I prefer it to the sequential order and will probably reorg the tracklist when I finally get my copy and rip it.
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  13. I got the long book version so I think the only singles missing are Cannonball, No Time For Tears and One I've Been Missing?
    Was slap bang at the door to my HMV and had a whole stand to itself, someone in my town stans the band.
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  14. If my vinyls get all the way to Brazil and it’s Elvis I swear I’ll have a syncope.
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  15. The new songs have not been instant for me. However, between us was one I connected with right away. Live sweet love is growing on me.

    What an amazing back catalogue of music they have.
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  16. Girls confirmed a Maluma collab was recorded but they didn’t like the song enough so decided not to release it.

    Pabllo also confirmed today that a collab was recorded but ended up not being released last ywar. Considering she even began to tease it around November, I assume this one got lost in the middle of Jesy gate.
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  17. Trash is the best new song here. A banger.
  18. RMK


    I actually thought Trash was extremely catchy in the new bunch. Have a feeling it's being overlooked because of the Mabel co-write.
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  19. Every format (including signed variants) - the store have been sending out 2 different 12" signed prints with the vinyl, seemingly at random. Also the picture disc covers aren’t accurate but they’ve not released the solo pics other than Perrie’s so I had to make do.
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  20. No goes the hell off and Trash is great as well!
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