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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. We've seen the streamz for Boyz, she may want to look into this soon.

  2. The song is brilliant, as is the video. Trio Mix are incredible and I hope they stick around a while for us to enjoy!
  3. No is absolutely amazing! They seem so comfortable as a trio and they've just been so good at owning their sound.
  4. I can’t see Cut You Off becoming a single unless Jesy pushes them that little bit further, but really deserves it’s moment in the sun. One of their absolute best.
  5. This release has reminded me that Holiday is that girl. We did her so dirty.
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  6. The new tracks are a delight!

    Between Us (the song) still needs to grow on me, but Cut You Off, No and Trash are getting repeat plays already. Trash feels like a sequel to Boy from Salute.

    Love these women!
  7. RMK


    In terms of sequencing, it does feel like Sweet Melody and Woman Like Me should switch places.
  8. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    The new songs are all up there with their very best. No and Cut You Off are absolutely massive, and I can't believe people didn't care about Trash when it leaked because it's immediately one of my favourites, it's so reminiscent of Destiny's Child/TLC. Between Us is the perfect farewell single, it's genuinely quite breathtaking. And even Love Sweet Love has grown on me a ton in the context of the full album, it sounds right at home with the big hits.
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  9. Bop Sweet Bop >>>>>>>>> Kiss My Uh Oh


    The UK stanning for the latter over the former....Trash.mp3
  10. Going to hijack my work stereo and play the entirety of Between Us to the great drunken public of North Lanarkshire between the hours of 4 and 6am x
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  11. Can I also just add in here, not only are the new tracks massive and amazing, but Move really is that bitch. I need that getting performed on tour cause it's a bop. I had the album on shuffle this morning and had Move and than Holiday and let me tell you, I was more than ready to conquer my day. Fuck I love these girls. I need them to a massive Hyde Park or Wembley Show, broadcast it across the world or Netflix or something.
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  12. SBK


    Yeah. I think they'll push Between Us nearer to Xmas and that'll be it for singles off this.

    As much as I want cut you off... I don't think they prepared a video pre-materity leave for it... not that they couldn't still go with it... but they have probably had the release schedule planned out since the spring.
  13. Oh my lord. No, Cut You Off and Trash

    Especially the No Galantis remix
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  14. Got the Amazon orange vinyl. No is worth it.
  15. TMI


    Sorry if it has been discussed but I haven’t got any news from Golden Discs. Has someone?
  16. Cut You Off is definitely about Jesy - that clip about their therapy session all but confirmed it. Throw in Leigh-Anne singing the line ‘cos you don’t wanna listen, you got me so triggered’ and I think it all makes sense. And judging by the lyric ‘it’ll be so sweet when you crawl back, but it’s too late now’ if they were to ever reunite (which I don’t see happening) I doubt they’ll perform this song as a 4-piece ddddd
  17. SBK


    She'll be back. They'll take her back too. Sure seems impossible today, but in 10 years....
  18. I assume the Galantis remix is the radio version they are pushing? It's such a bop. The original version is also really good but the added boppage is going to be a club/gym hit.
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  19. They emailed that they have shipped the signed black vinyl but yet no words on the color ones.
  20. My Amazon signed one came in the post and a photocard is signed, not the actual booklet. Just in case people were worried theirs hasn't been like they used to.
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