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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. I’m confident that anything solo Perrie puts her name to will be excellent - she’s proven time and time again that she has the best taste out of them all.
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  2. Also, the single version of "Salute" really packs an extra punch despite missing the intro and outro from the album version. Wish they used the video version instead so we could get the extra punch from the single version and the intro/outro from the album version.
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  3. Have been thinking about this, 33k on week 1 with no promo, no big hits, no hype is actually very good.

    Confetti opened with 49k and that had 2 semi big hits already, Sweet Melody, LM the search, promo, a chart battle etc

    It’s actually pretty impressive
  4. The inevitable solo venture from Jade is gonna be a serve and a half, obviously, but y’all don’t really have faith in Leigh-Anne and it shows, teebs.

    I’m perched for whatever she decides to feed us as a booked and busy mother of two. And I’ll make sure to find a way to view Boxing Day from the U.S. somehow.

  5. For anyone who wants to listen with me, so far:

    40 Strip
    39 Mess
    38 Love Sweet Love
    37 Nothing Else Matters
  6. I was reading an article written by a celebrity and she referenced that Leigh Anne had twin boys. Mystery solved, so adorable
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  7. So far this is way better than the "fan voted" between us, where half those songs haven't even made the top 40.
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  8. Perhaps it is some ploy to get their streams up? Weird though
  9. “Forget You Not” at #26.

    “Love Me Like You” at #17.

    “Monster in Me” at #14.

    The gays truly slapped down the Ellas this time round. Well done.
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  10. I had heard twin girls…
  11. That's my baby I'm so proud.
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  12. I’m praying for No more sad songs and Break up song, to be in the top 10.
    Shout out is 12.
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  13. This countdown is actually displaying incredible taste. I can hardly fault it.
  14. It’s only six songs left, and I am really praying for No more sad songs. Holding my breathe.
  15. DNA at #11.
    It’s out at #6, unfortunately.
  16. Move is in at number 3.
    Who will be 1? Sweet melody or Touch?
  17. “Sweet Melody” at #1.
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  18. Shaun who runs Electric Angels is a sweetheart too. The Britney and Girls Aloud countdowns were a joy.
  19. The single that never was! I always imagined had they performed it on Strictly & Graham Norton slots during the LM5 era, it would've helped sell the album a lot better over the Christmas period.
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