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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. Although I’m sad at them going on a hiatus, the thought of the 3 solo music careers launching soon makes me feel better!
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  2. They're all good ones except Piece by Piece.
  3. I’m so here for this! She’ll excel doing that sound her voice is perfect for it. Excited for all the girls solo music.
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  4. I might bite the bullet and buy nosebleed seats and book my flight today. So so so expensive to fly there just to see them but I’d really regret not doing it.
  5. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I am genuinely curious about the potential timeline of solo music and their Little Mix touring commitments, will any of them launch music soon?
  6. I kind of think we might get solo Jade by summer.

    Solo Perrie is very exciting as well, imagine her on a 2022 Since U Been Gone ugh.
  7. I’m imagining Destiny’s Child type solo ventures, where each of them release different genres of music. I’m so excited!
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    Oh, Perrie's got me intrigued now!
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  9. As much as I think they're all vocally talented (Jade always had a good set of pipes on her, and Leigh-Anne has come in leaps and bounds since debut), Perrie really is a next level one-in-a-million vocal talent.

    That said, excited for all three eventual efforts (assuming Leigh follows which I'm sure she will at some point), and I hope they branch out and try to work with new people!
  10. Just purchased a VERY expensive resale ticket so I can be there for the final night of the tour.
  11. Top 20! I wish the trend would expand to other countries on Tik Tok.

    Quite impressive that when you consider both versions, Secret Love Song has more streams than Black Magic on Spotify. With this new wave of success, even if local, I guess Part I will surpass it as well in a couple months.
  12. Oh, we will.
  13. Oh my god.

    Edit: A friend of mine who described Love Sweet Love before it was released has just said "Jade's definitely coming and the material is A+.". I need it. Also asked him if she'd fullfil the expectations of the gays with her solo stuff and he answered saying that "gay service" is the exact definition of one of the songs he'd heard.
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  14. There is a chance I may have to sell my tickets for Leeds on April 30th due to events being double booked with rescheduling from Covid. They are fourth row. I can let you know if I sell if you like?
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  15. If anyone is selling 4x tickets to the 14th May.. let me know.
  16. RMK


    This is so exciting. The TikTok were definitely done purposefully to build hype, which means that plans are in place and everything is taking shape.

    Solo Jade by Summer... 2022 might be a great year for pop music.
  17. I have no doubt that Jade will serve us everything that we need and want. I just need it to happen very soon, please!!! Your post has gotten me even more excited.
  18. I would absolutely love to know, thank you so so much for the heads up!
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  19. They're adding new lyric videos to their channel:

  20. Get those streaming points for Between Us!
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