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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. [​IMG]

    You were saying??
  2. Touch is star power through and through. I wouldn't have that video in any other way.
  3. That “dog wiping its ass on the floor” first move sends me every time.

    Please tell me cigs did this entire choreography at the club when this came out?
  4. Oh, they did.
  5. ADM


    Help I can't stop singing Black Magic and have convinced myself it's a major bop (is it?)..
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  6. Director X directing both "Work From Home" & "Touch" and the results being worlds apart... Harmonizer confirmed.
  7. He was probably given 5% the budget for LM.
  8. Two of the best girl band songs of all time.

    No, no. Two of the best songs of all time!

    Anyway, as you were.
  9. The “Work from Home” music video is probably one of my favourites of the 2010s - it’s so glossy and polished.

    I feel like “Touch” is bottom of the pack, in terms of their Director X music videos. Both “Black Magic” and “Hair” were much better.
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  10. Hair was so effective with its replay value. Their second most viewed video even if it's very simple.
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  11. Perrie wearing what looks like my scoliosis brace will never not amuse me.
  12. Work From Home has such a brilliant video, just rewatched it. Touch’s video is….fine, but a huge disservice to how much of a bop it is.
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  13. The meltdowns over the Touch video, myself included, were a mess.
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  14. The Touch video still pisses me off. They had potential to deliver a 10/10 package with 2 huge names attached to it and we got THAT. I refuse to let you people gaslight me into thinking it's anything other than shit. Perrie's corset hoodie is my sleep paralysis demon.
  15. The only problem I ever had with the Touch video was that Jade's hair was slightly shorter than usual ddd. For real though, I thought the video was cute then and I still think it is now.
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  16. Touch is still their 3rd most replayable video for me. I never understood the criticisms; it sparks joy from start to finish (especially for a group with some undeniably weak videos).
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  17. My only problem with the Touch video are the walls warping around a certain ex member… So sloppily done.
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  18. The Touch video is really bad. I remember someone here saying when it first came out that it reminds them of a Dulux paint showroom and it’s honestly so accurate.
  19. The tour visuals they had for Touch were much better.

    Just imagine if they had this with a group choreo shot.
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  20. I just love her with the shorter hair... I think all their hairstyles looked fab in the Touch video.
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