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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. She also said the first thing she has planned is a holiday that could last several months, so I think we can probably assume that Perrie will be the last of the girls to release music.
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  2. ddd
  3. So cute.

  4. There will be so many 10's in the rate, I don't know how I'll distinguish the best of the best.
  5. Weren’t there rumors that “Love (Sweet Love)” wasn’t supposed to be the first single and that ”No” was actually supposed to lead the hits compilation? Coupled with the CD tracklist going chronological up until “No”, it seems that might’ve been the plan.

    Thematically, it makes sense for it to have gone: “No” as the lead, followed by “Between Us”, and then “Love (Sweet Love)”. But in all honestly, I’m glad “Love (Sweet Love)” was released first.
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  6. It should've been Cut You Off for the kii.
  7. They should’ve given us a visual album, with the videos connecting together.

    “Trash” → “No” → “Cut You Off” → “Love (Sweet Love)” → “Between Us”

    A storyline.
  8. I think so, yes.

    The music video for “No” was filmed first so it definitely seems that they changed their minds late on about what to release first.
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  9. What an EP the girls gave us though. No skips!

    1. Confetti
    2. Heartbreak Anthem
    3. Kiss My (Uh Oh)
    4. Love (Sweet Love)
    5. Between Us
    6. No
    7. Cut You Off
    8. Trash
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  10. In order to prepare for the rate, please review the following 'For Your Consideration' submission for your 11 -

    Thank you x
  11. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I would add this too

    No Time for Tears probably would've been a non-Jesy track had it not been caught in the crossfire nn. Oh well.
  12. I feel like it’s kind of obvious that Jade is the one least eager to go on hiatus, but this is so beautifully written. I kinda love that they’ve gone out (for now) whilst they’re on top and they’ll come back to the group refreshed, recharged and ready to dominate. The three of them are such incredible women, they’ve accomplished SO much together and they’ve got their friendship for life. Couldn’t be more proud.
  13. They keep making me cry!
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  14. I've never participated in a rate before because it honestly baffles me but I'm very much ready to go to war for some songs in the Little Mix one
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  15. Does Leigh say “that we will” or “doubt we will”?
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  16. ‘That we will’
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  17. Ironic since most seem to think she’s the one destined for the most solo success.
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  18. Screaming at imaging Leigh being so over it that she’s just like “yeah no” lol

    She definitely said “that we will”.
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