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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. I kinda have my doubts that they will though.
  2. No, I think they will. I don't think it'll be as soon, nor as frequent, as we'd all like it to be but they'll get back together at some point.
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  3. Fact that neither Galantis nor David Guetta have thrown this edit on streaming services… hate crime.
  4. All this Steps revelry has reminded me of the non event that was the Little Mix megamix. It would have been such a glorious moment.

    Anyone knows what happened to it? I remembered Jade tweeting that she was taking notes from the Saturdays megamix only for us to be presented this mess that didn't even feature Saweetie as the title suggested.
  5. ^ No need for an "official" megamix, when this beauty exists -

  6. Someone agrees with you.

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  7. Yep, this was pretty perfect.
  8. The greatest.

    Little Mix(‘s team) really dropped the ball with their Megamix.
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  9. According to the Sun last month, the girls said they may only part ways for 2 or so years? Do we really believe that? That’s more of a between-album break than a true hiatus.
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  10. It's a difficult one to say really. There's loads of factors that will influence how long they're away for. The main one being how successful their solo careers are.

    Also, it may get to say, 5 years down the line and they do what every group seems to these days, and wait till a milestone to come back.
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  11. I definitely see them timing their reunion around the 15th anniversary and capitalizing on the hype. They each have more time off for themselves that way too.
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  12. I can't believe it's taken me this long to get into Heartbreak Anthem. Warra banger.
  13. I met Claud at Hoopla on Friday and we were talking about the hiatus and how much of a mess everyone was the last show and he gave me a look and was like “they’re coming back” so I have more belief than ever, they definitely are when the time is right.
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  14. I think it will be a short break. And when they come back, it will be Little Mix with solo careers in between album campaigns rather than just them. Each campaign will end up having a longer break in between rather than one album every year, but it means they get to do what they want, have a life outside and have bigger individual profiles rather than just them as a group. Even better for us as there's more music, promo bits and videos to keep us entertained.
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  15. It would be amazing if their long term goal is to be like a female Take That, albums and tours every few years and solo in between. That would work so well for them.
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  16. The girls said themselves in a recent interview that they'd been discussing when to come back and whether 2 years was too soon, so I wouldn't rule it out but to be honest I'd be surprised if the break was that short. Now they've gone their separate ways they'll naturally get wrapped up in their own endeavours and the time will fly (for them if not for us).

    However, I do think we'll get some kind of reunion within the next 5 years, even if it's just a one-off show or appearance.
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  17. I always took the ‘2-2.5 years’ comment as light hearted. But I suppose it will all depend how the solo careers go.
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  18. RMK


    Branding this a hiatus leaves the window open. I wouldn't be shocked if they reunited in two years, but I'm not going to hold my breath because that can easily turn into five or six pending on their own aspirations later on.
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  19. Based on other groups pre-hiatus timeframe comments (eg Girls Aloud 1 year, The Saturdays no timeframe now seems they have split), I'm keeping an open mind that this could go in any direction and not expecting them to come back at all
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