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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. Maybe removal of someone's vocals? I can't say I can hear new adlibs.
  2. W2K


    Sounds the same to me with the usual Drag Race embellishments.
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  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Not Girls5eva ripping off Love Sweet Love 1F16984C-BF16-4A30-9DD7-62CD4C4499BD.png 23459CC9-6D39-4C9C-8A37-B620B662DBBE.png
  4. This is reminding me of Nicola not wanting Girls Aloud to go on hiatus during their peak stage after Out of Control--but they still did only to come back way too late with Ten and then calling it a day.

    It seems as band you'd want to take advantage of this public goodwill right now, but I wonder if this level of success for Between Us was expected? If they are really already thinking about when they will reunite, it's smart not to slip away from the public eye as a group for too long.
  5. Isn't Between Us being so consistent mostly due to having so many singles that were still doing well on streaming?
  6. Yeah actual physical sales are probably like 500 copies per week?
    A better measure would be the drops / singles released from the project neither of which did well sadly - cause they were all bangers and as good as the pre break LM singles.
  7. It’s about time!
  8. Finally, Alex!

    Thrilled for her
  9. Over the moon for mom and dad! It's about time!
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  10. I honestly forgot they weren't already engaged nn, but yay!
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  12. Yeah; it's down to the fact it's a greatest hits album / so many big hits being steamed will keep it afloat. Not to discredit its success, this is exactly why I think a greatest hits package was important. The weren't anywhere near the peak they were at with Glory Days or Get Weird and possibly around the release of Confetti either.
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  13. In the words of Sarah Harding.
  14. What are the sales looking like for the album?
  15. 172k according to Official Charts Company. The UK charts are so dead just now for any album outwith the top 3.
  16. It's on around 196k now.
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  17. Having a major moment with Strip today, never appreciated it enough.
  18. Ahhh! Congrats to Perrie (and Alex)!!! Looovee
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