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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. I’m still surprised that their last show stream hasn’t made its way onto some form of official release yet?
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  2. They really were at their peak with this era!
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  3. The longevity is insane
  4. I hope this puts an end to the argument that compilations don't make sense in the streaming era?
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  5. I do think the success is being somwhat overstated. Charts stats are nice and all, but labels care more about money. The GH has chart staying power because of streams for existing hits that would almost all happen, and generate the same revenue, with or without the compilation. The actual direct sales of Between Us and the performance of the new songs weren't particularly impressive. Dropping a GH made sense for Little Mix on the way out the door, but I'm not sure this is evidence they still have the place they used to for active acts.
  6. RMK


    It only works for cases like Little Mix where they're on hiatus. It'll keep their chart stats alive for the next few years. That being said, you won't see their actual studio albums gain much more on the official charts because of it.
  7. She’s really moved to Thessaloníki scream

  8. That's all reflective to the market though, in terms of an album selling in 2022 the sales are great - it spent 20 weeks top 10 and 39 weeks top 40. It's the 5th selling album of this year, despite its biggest sales weeks being from last year.

    The success in terms of throwing out a low effort greatest hits album isn't overstated at all, it's done very well and I'm sure will continue to, due to streams of old hits (which is exactly what it would have set out to do)
  9. But I'd bet most of those sales, especially after the first couple of weeks, are streams of old hits from playlists that would be streamed with or without the greatest hits. It's not really new/extra revenue being generated by the release. All they've done is lump those dispersed streams into a single chart-elegible entry. It looks impressive, but I doubt they've made much extra money off of it.

    I'm not saying the release was a bad idea, I'm saying it's more of a PR success than a financial one. It has succeeded on the back of them having a large catalogue of hits with sustained streaming presence that many other artists lack, rather than being a proof of principle for greatest hits in the streaming era more generally.
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  10. Well, considering this group rarely released physical singles, I’m quite happy we got the Greatest Hits as a physical edition with most of the single versions and non-album singles.
  11. How astute of them to realise how important it was that they performed this:
  12. I have no idea how that song went around so many people, it's such an instant smash, I would have assumed JoJo or Zara would have bitten somebody's hand off to keep it.
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  13. Both Zara and JoJo probably turned their noses up at a non US track and why do I feel both would prefer more 'soulful' / hip hop tracks like closer to the music they listen to.
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  14. Sweet Melody going to JoJo makes as much sense as Toxic going to Kylie. The track ended up with just the right artist to make it work.
  15. JoJo’s version sounds like ass though so no wonder she passed on it. Dull and lifeless, the additional production and the voices of Little Mix really gave it the spirit the song needed.
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