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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

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  1. JoJo’s version sounds like ass though so no wonder she passed on it. Dull and lifeless, the additional production and the voices of Little Mix really gave it the spirit the song needed.
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  2. It sounds so flat with Jojo (demo or not) and I love most of what Jojo puts out.
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  3. Still waiting to hear Haillegend Steinfeld’s version.
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  4. Am I right in saying Jesy didn't like Sweet Melody either?
  5. She didn’t like the video but I don’t think anything was said about the song.
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  6. Two months off a year and still at #21!!!

  7. I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if this hasn’t left the top 100 by the time they reform.
  8. 240k(ish) sales for Between Us now

    It will be platinum before confetti (245k as of May).
  9. Aw good to see a mini reunion.

  10. Zara Larsson partying with the girls too, love that for them
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  11. The “gave you Sweet Melody’ party sounds lit
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  12. This could genuinely have been their biggest hit. When you consider both versions, it's only 5 million streams below Shout Out to My Ex.
  13. ADM


    That photo of Leigh Anne and Jade with Zara in the middle gave me some sort of Sugababes lineup stress
  14. This wouldn't be a bad lineup tho...

    Runs out of thread
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  15. you gotta not
  16. #22 for 46th week is insane.

  17. What other female group albums were released this decade 2021-2030?
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