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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. I can’t with these posts… What do people think happens after a woman delivers?
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  2. I want it all and I want it NOW!
  3. RMK


    Maybe they saw the Chromatica era.
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  4. I chuckled at a headline from The S*n the other day that was written like "Leigh Anne of Little Mix causes confusion after she was spotted having a flat tummy after giving birth" and the pic they used was a promo shot from her bikini line. People are dumb.
  5. ADM


    MNEK story basically confirms the song as Love (Sweet Love). Don’t know what to expect from it but I hope it’s a little in the vein of KP Dasies, thematically, an ode to the now LM6!
  6. Anita Baker vibes?
  7. I wondered if this was the ‘new song (explicit)’ on the track listing?
  8. I’m here for a Fierce (2k Stargate) interpolation.
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  9. I can’t believe how much they are feeding us this year, along with their actual children?! Legendary Queens I love my moms
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  10. For Perrie then. She was the harshest more outspoken critical judge out of the three.
  11. So a Girl Power remix of Kiss My featuring Becky Hill, Raye & Stefflon Don has been released
  12. OMG they posted the single cover.

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  13. Gasp!!!
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  14. The pic is gorgeous.

    The font-title though....
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  15. Oh my god. The way they are not letting us breathe this year. The cover is everything
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  16. They look stunning but I can't help think that the photo is a bit busy. Either way, we are getting fed.
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  17. Outfits are giving Beyoncé’s Grammy performance from 2017! [​IMG]
  18. W2K


    Wow what a serve. My favourite image so far.
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  19. We are so well fed. Thanks girlies
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