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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. Nobody cares that much, the general public will just pick whatever cover they like best. People will hear the songs on streaming anyway, the album is just for collection purposes.
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  2. Is she singing in Simlish?
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  3. I'm not sure how five new songs is "the bare minimum."

    (Remember when Jamelia dropped a best-of with literally no new material, even recycled photos?)

  4. While they have been flooding us with music and content lately, I have no complaints. Including 5 new songs on a Greatest Hits is pretty rare, so we’re very lucky for that.

    As it’s been said, I definitely think they’re trying to over saturate a bit before the inevitable hiatus. Ever since Jesy left, the Confetti tour got pushed to 2022, the collabs started rolling out, 2 of them got pregnant, and Between Us was announced, I’ve been mentally preparing for them to announce a hiatus next year.

    Fully expecting an Instagram post towards the end of the Confetti tour next year explaining how they’ve worked nonstop for over a decade and are taking time for themselves indefinitely…

    Really can’t complain though, it’s bound to happen at some point and they’ve been feeding us, more than you can say about other groups. We really don’t deserve them
  5. More correctly, Jamelia's ex-label dropped that compilation. She was well and truly out the door by the time it was put together. I know because I was working there.
  6. So sad. I really love this song. LSL. It is so underrated. They played it at the NTAs when the love island clan presented an awards.

    Anyway where did this chart? LSL
  7. Did we really think a song not so subtly about female masturbation would be a #1 though?

    Also, the standard is a bit too bloated. The general public aren’t usually ones for 22-track albums. The Super Deluxe is also not really worthwhile. All of the “bonus tracks” are just album tracks.

    It sorta is. “Heartbreak Anthem”, and “Kiss My” both making every edition of the album alongside “Love (Sweet Love)” could give that impression.
    What in the Katy Perry hell is this?

    That’s unfair. Pretty sure Jamelia’s was a contractual obligation by the label to end her contract.
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  8. I glanced over a tweet last night about Jade at the VMAs. Hope she made some connections!
  9. SBK


    23 33

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  10. #33 is a bit shit. But Only You (their only pre-album single to debut low) went from #32 to its peak of #13 in 9 weeks - cracking the Top 20 in 4 weeks. I'm ok with Love having Only You's journey.

    As others said, there's a lot of Little Mix out there but we get why it was released when it was.
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  11. I still can’t believe “One I’ve Been Missing” and “No Time For Tears” didn’t make it onto the deluxe/super deluxe editions, they clearly would’ve fit on the deluxe.
  12. One I've Been Missing and Word Up! shouldn't be acknowledged ever again. They happened, but let's forget.
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  13. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Both of these points don't really make sense to me. The general public doesn't care about lyrical content, and even if they did, it wouldn't matter. "Montero" is about gay sex and it was a #1 hit.

    Also Drake just released a 21-track album that smashed multiple streaming records. I know there's a difference between Drake and Little Mix but once again, I don't think the general public cares about how many songs are on an album. (It's also a Greatest Hits and it would've been dumb if they hadn't stuffed it to the brim considering how many hits they've had).
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  14. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah I don't see anyone going 'ooh love Little Mix but there's a little too many songs on there!'.
    Maybe 'a lot of old songs!' but yeah.. that's the point
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  15. Jade wasn't there - she's been in LA and it was in Brooklyn.
  16. “Montero” also had a video that made an impact and got people talking though, whereas “Love (Sweet Love)” (and “Kiss My” and “Heartbreak Anthem”) did not. Plus Lil Nas X is in a more interesting position as a proudly flamboyant black gay rapper on a global scale, which there’s never really been. There are tons of eyes on him. Also, if there’s anything today’s society has shown it’s that it is still hard out there for women to be supported when they claim their sexual autonomy outside of the male gaze.

    I will give you the length but Drake is also an extremely popular male rapper on a global scale. His albums are always hotly anticipated (for some reason) by not only his extremely loyal fanbase but casuals as well.
  17. 5 new songs is more than enough for a greatest hits compilation. It’s honestly pretty generous and if the quality of the material is as good as it’s been recently, then I’m perched.
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  18. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    There's so many bops, single edits and non-album singles on it that for me it would be worth it just for that, so 5 new songs is just a nice bonus and definitely generous for a Greatest Hits
  19. It’s essentially an EP’s worth of new material.

    I wasn’t paying much attention pre-Glory Days so which singles were remixed/edited (not the features, those are obvious)?
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  20. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I think only Salute is a single edit (without a feature) going by the tracklist. Word Up and Cannonball weren't on albums though I know people hate them.
    Between the new mix of Confetti and Heartbreak and Uh Oh being new singles too it might as well have been a rerelease. 5 new songs really is generous
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