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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. Basically this. Which is a shame because the pre-chorus is one of their best ever moments for me.
  2. SMG


    Objectively, the song isn’t bad - the verse are good, the chorus is good, the pre-chorus is actually excellent but for some reason it falls flat.

    I’ve barely returned to it, which is odd for me and a Little Mix track.
  3. The fact this is going to be forever sandwiched between such huge hits on the main streaming version of their Greatest Hits forever is going to be a little jarring teebs. Thank god they didn't open the album with it.
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  4. I can’t say I’m surprised at love (sweet love ) flopping, the timing of the release felt a bit premature. Their team should have held off a few more weeks at least.

    it really does feel like their what are you waiting for? Moment. If the video was sponsored like our savvy Saturdays girlies, we’d have had a garden centre trip but let’s make it a music video…
  5. If anything that will help make it a bigger streaming hit
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  6. I’m still bopping despite the gay hysterics in this thread.

    Show yourselves some love!
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  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I mean, some of the 4 new songs probably won't even be singles, so just consider it a bonustrack
  8. Flop or not, it's still a bop.
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  9. It's not that bad but I did think their fanbase would be able to sustain this a little better. Especially after the Confetti, Heartbreak Anthem and Kiss My onslaught. Perhaps that's the issue. I'm going to assume they'll push the next single at the end of October.
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  10. RJF


    I actually really like the single. It feels like a playground for their vocals more than anything but when you sound that good both alone and harmonising, it's a fun listen. I can't believe they potentially bombed its radio chances for Anne-Marie, whose career will probably be in the toilet within a year.
  11. “Kiss My” as a collaboration really just shouldn’t have happened. It would’ve been the same without Little Mix on it, the leaked demo version proves Anne-Marie could’ve done it all by herself.
  12. I wanna know the name of the career mogul who literally watched them collab with Anne Marie, of all people, after having won a Brits for BEST GROUP and said just about nothing about it.
  13. Jade Thirlwall.
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  14. To be fair wasn't the Anne-Marrie collab supposed to happen years ago? Pretty sure they hinted about it before COVID happened.
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  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Some of you are so strange with their material. They really haven't missed singles wise since Break Up Song, a lot of the complaints that do arise just sound nit-picky. Love Sweet Love is cute!
  16. I hate it here dddd

    Which is exactly why in a way it doesn’t sit right with me that Kiss My kinda stole its thunder. In a perfect world they would have skipped it and gone straight from Heartbreak Anthem.
  17. I have to admit I haven’t really returned to Love Sweet Love like I thought I would. I love the girls but dare I say, they’ve had major hit after major hit of an onslaught. Like if you go from Holiday, this is probably the most amount of continuous singles (7) they’ve had in the space of a year. It probably wouldn’t be so obvious if it wasn’t for the fact that 3 of those singles have been some of the most catchy and career defining of their 10 years. Love Sweet Love isn’t as instant which is great to have a sleeper hit but only if it has room to creep up on you which at this moment doesn’t look like it’ll get the chance.
  18. Well, it wouldn't have been a hit, so not quite the same.
  19. I was talking about the song itself. Not Anne-Marie leeching off Little Mix for a hit, sucking them dry when the time comes for their own single.
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