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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. There is nothing wrong with the song, it's just the timing of it's release. A shame.
  2. I know, don't worry, I was joking. I actually quite like the song but I feel like Anne-Marie's time is pretty much done.
  3. I actually love it too but I really don’t think Little Mix were necessary on the track plus I feel like they sing their parts in the style of Anne-Marie that at first I was like “where are they?” until I saw the video. I still can’t tell if they do anything other than their respective verses.
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  4. I was the same, but with Anne-Marie.
  5. Kiss My, while mostly a waste of time, was another cute top 10 hit for the girls so hello let's celebrate that xx
  6. RMK


    I also enjoyed Kiss My. A song can bop and also be beneath them.
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  7. I think the underperformance of this song has less to do with it colliding with Uh Oh and more to do with that it’s just not particularly memorable. Uh Oh has had its moment as a cute hit but it’s hardly a Don’t Start Now monster smash overshadowing everything in its path.
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  8. Except both Kiss My and Heartbreak Anthem were doing great on radio, there's only so much space on radio for one act and I don't think they were finished with those two songs just yet.
  9. Love Sweet Love is playlisted on both Captial and Radio 1 (though c-list at the moment), so I’ll guess we’ll see whether that has any impact on the charts position in the next few weeks as it is inevitably moved up on Radio 1 and Hot Hits UK. I guess my point is that if it was an undeniable banger it would be doing a bit better out the gate as radio generally takes a while to catch up.
  10. Not to mention it's playlisted on Radio 2, which is the biggest station, they've had much slower radio rises than this (It's already top 20 on airplay) and much less streaming playlisting than this and it's not been as much of an issue (Apple Music in particular it has amazing support and isn't top 50 on there), I think it's clearly down to being the song itself not clicking/ not working/ being the wrong sound.
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  11. Also, although having a break can help with week 1 momentum, I don't think overexposure hurts that much. 'Heartbreak Anthem' came out really soon after 'Confetti', and they'd had 'No Time For Tears' and 'Sweet Melody' not that long before and still smashed instantly.
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  12. Let's not forget that they usually get some promo performances, which they shine in, and that just wasn't possible.
    There's also a certain saturation point with Jesy leaving, "Heartbreak Anthem" hitting a little bigger than expected, if we're honest, then the Anne Marie feature (which was debatable), the anniversary, announcing the greatest hits AND a single they can't promote.
    Hopefully when it comes time for the album they have another banger they can fully drive home
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  13. Apart from Sweet Melody, and performances for Break Up song and Holiday that came 6 months after the they?
  14. I think it’s biggest problem was timing. If they released it the day after the anniversary, it probably ends up a cute Top 20 hit for them. All the hype on release day was for Drake and obviously it’s not clicking with people well enough to recover from such a quiet start.

    I’m not that worried about it though. I love the song and if they get it right with No, no one will really care about the flop that came before it. I just hope that the No video is a little more dynamic, even though it was also apparently filmed while they were pregnant.
  15. Oh I was absolutely thrilled that Kiss My ended up top ten. It's just that I think Love (Sweet Love) deserved it more. I would happily have sacrificed the collab if it meant that LSL had a better chance at success, which I think it would have.
  16. I don't think there's much mystery... Even if the timing wasn't perfect, the general public just isn't here for the song. I, for one, can't get enough of it, but even around here it's the most divisive single they've had since Bounce Back, so it isn't a shocker that it's doing that bad.

    Like Joe had mentioned at another time, it also sounds like streaming poison.
  17. Jade’s doing the promo rounds today so I guess they are trying to salvage the song a bit.
  18. RMK


    The well runs dry eventually, though. This is why often third or fourth singles don't do as well as the first two unless they're timed perfectly or amazing songs. Love (Sweet Love) is decent. It isn't clicking with the general public as much, but the lack of momentum definitely plays a variable in commercial performance.
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  19. This is so well done! Love it.
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