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Little Mix - Between Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by JustCrizz, Aug 15, 2021.

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  2. This deserves its own BRIT! The Cure into Secret Love Song gave me goosebumps.
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  3. If this was edited down a bit it would be perfect.
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  4. Wow. This is amazing. The tracks and the video clips have been put together so well. What a great reflection of their 10 years together.
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  5. I fucking screamed. Guess it didn’t connect with the host much either.
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  6. The ending made me feel soo proud for them and all their achievements
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  7. This is epic! Just highlights how many great songs they have and how hard they’ve worked over the past 10 years to achieve everything.
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  8. Lisa Scott-Lee triumphant.
  9. Absolutely screaming for Our Lady Jade

  10. Wait a minute…

    Love (Sweet Love) → LSL
    Lisa Scott-Lee → LSL
    LSL = LSL

    It was always meant to chart this way!!!
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  11. Loved this, shed a little tear at the end! Reminds me of what an updated version of my favourite megamix would probably sound like:

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  12. She's too much, I love her.

    Two more music videos were filmed with Leigh-Anne and Perrie being pregnant. As excited as I am for more singles, kinda want one with big choreography.
  13. Salute into Power is awesome.
    The whole thing is great.
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  14. I heard Love (Sweet Love) in IKEA the other day and it made the whole experience a lot less torturous.
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  15. Name a bigger legend
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  16. This was incredible, holy discography teebs.
  17. What an icon!
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  18. I hope they’re moving the album release up.
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  19. Mvnl

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    'The single's struggling so we'll release the album quicker before the next one's even out' doesn't sound like the most likely strategy?
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