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Little Mix - Bounce Back (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. People who complained about it possibly being named The Storm really played themselves.
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  2. Are they? I thought it was just the video?
  3. I’ll always be disappointed that we didn’t get The Cure as a single, I think it might be their best song.
  4. Woman Like Me > Monster In Me > Forget You Not > The Cure

    A singles run.
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  5. Woman Like Me
    Monster In Me

    That would’ve been my perfect run.
  6. Wasabi would have been the Power of the era if they waited and got a good feature on it. The Cure and Monster In Me should have come first as solo singles. Forget You Not as a 5th.

    Poor flop album!
  7. Throw in Wasabi and this would have been absolutely perfect.

    I would have liked to have seen it.gif
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  8. I think two ballads would have been overkill, but either Monster in Me or The Cure should definitely have been released. I might even have led the album with it, just to change things up a bit.
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  9. listening to The Cure is less exciting than watching a beige paint dry
  10. I would’ve loved Monster In Me to get single treatment. It’s been a while since they’ve had a ballad single, I feel the GP is overdue for a reminder ‘wow Little Mix can really SING!’ which always helps shift albums.
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  11. It's definitely my favourite of the two. In hindsight I would have loved them to start the campaign with Monster In Me around October (perfect for Halloween), then something upbeat for the second single before the album in December.
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  12. I think Monster In Me and The Cure would have both been fine as singles if they had an upbeat song in the middle. The latter is a midtempo anyway, so it would have worked.
  13. I think Wasabi would have been massive. All the plebs and friends I know who aren't stans still play it to death.
  14. If I could have chosen, I would have gone for Monster In Me > Wasabi > [album] > Forget You Not. This album has so many potential hits but I'd rather stick with 3 singles than end up with feature after feature.
  15. Wasabi would 100% have had a feature if they'd pushed it as a single though.
  16. I know people had doubts that Power would work on radio and it did amazing, but the transitions to and from the rock-breakdown in Wasabi are pretty jarring when I’m bopping in the car. I think it was always destined for fan favorite album track status.
  17. That's why I would have released it before the album. I wouldn't have been against a feature as it's so short, but I think they would have been at serious risk of ruining a pretty perfect song.
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