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Little Mix - Bounce Back (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. i love
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  2. Getting doll in a box vibes from that. Barbie Girl sample confirmed.
  3. I still can’t believe how good Wasabi and Forget You Not actually are. Like, proper career defining bops! At least they confirmed they’re performing them on tour...
  4. It has but now you’ve reminded me, surely that would be good promo for a new single?!

    An absolute waste if they don’t release it next week!
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  5. Their quickest song to do so, too.

    Poor flop.
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  6. Leigh-Anne will be on Lorraine tomorrow, talking about her fashion campaigns and body confidence.
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  7. a singles run of The Cure, Forget You Not and Wasabi could have been so amazing.
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  8. It’s a shame how there’s a lot of wasted opportunities on this album. It may not have as high-a-highs as Glory Days (Touch, NMSS, Power etc.) but collectively it’s such a solid piece of work.

    Ideal singles run
    1.) Woman Like Me (when Only You was released)

    2.) Forget You Not (in Woman Like Me’s slot)

    3.) Monster In Me (Christmas/January ballad)

    4.) Wasabi (in the spring)

    5.) The Cure (a melancholy summer bop)

    We can dream can’t we.
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  9. Forget You Not would’ve been a great single indeed, but never lead.
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  10. I agree. I think the girls were right in pushing for Strip as the first single, as it is such a different sound not just for them, but also in comparison to everything else that is out there. And together with the video and whole campaign they were aiming for it could have been huge. However, Woman Like Me did absolutely amazing, especially streaming wise and it is downplayed too much too often.
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  11. I agree with this the most, but I'd have switched Monster In Me and Forget You Not, as a ballad hit would have helped the album a lot more.
  12. I know I’m the grand scheme of things this doesn’t matter at all but I tweeted this yesterday and Little Mix started following me so consider my day made.
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  13. Watching Leigh-Anne live on Lorraine right now and she’s so stunningly gorgeous and charming.

    Hopefully she sees her ambition of releasing her own fashion line one day, her stuff would be beautiful.

    She mentioned they have a new single coming out so that’s where their time is going at the moment.
  14. Double post but interview is up:

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  15. She's actually beyond gorgeous
  16. I want to like all these "ideal" LM5 singles run posts.... but any run without Strip just feels wrong.
  17. When I posted mine I completely forgot Strip and Think About Us existed.
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  18. To be fair it's such a strong collection that any run that is less than 6-7 songs feels wrong so..... well done ladies.
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