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Little Mix - Bounce Back (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Felp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Two days.
  2. The looks are outstanding, now just deliver some choreography in the video ladies
  3. By promo you mean the girls going on vacation while their team tweets to stream the song and watch the video on YouTube?
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  4. Zero clue. Only saying promo because that's what the excuse is for delaying the tour.

    Although it's most likely low ticket sales. Kii.
  5. Agree on all of this.
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  6. Remember when LM fans made fun for Fifth Harmony's rescheduled / canceled OZ dates.
  7. Except Little Mix's ticket sales were a lot higher than Fifth Harmony's
  8. a delay is a delay
  9. true, probably even worse than Fifth Harmony considering they were only able to disappoint the 14 fans that bought tickets
  10. I imagine they’re hoping Bounce Back (and it’s subsequent promo) will drive up ticket sales in Oz.

    Are the Europe dates selling ok? I seen on Twitter Cologne looked worrisome but the rest had sold fairly well.
  11. LM still sold out multiple Australian arena shows, something 5H never did.

    Tbh the only reason ticket sales are low is because they barely did promo for LM5 except a couple of radio interviews so it was like they never even released the album here.
  12. Imagine not wanting to spend money to see Little Mix
  13. Did you not see LM5 as a slight switch up? I'm with you in the Salute camp but I definitely felt like their latest stuff was an improvement, especially some of the album tracks.
  14. Power on Spotify currently has the streaming video that Bounce Back will be having.
  15. What do you mean?
  16. 325F2306-54C8-463D-9D99-A78E09284466.jpeg
    The little videos that play on spotify when you’re playing a song, Power is currently showing Bounce Back’s one.
  17. Ah, I figured.

    It doesn't show on mine.
  18. Can’t relate
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  19. It's showing for me too, but it's just a 10s looped clip.
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