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Little Mix - Break Up Song + 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Honestly for Little Mix to even last this long and still be releasing music as a girl group is an incredible achievement. I often feel like they’re under rated by the general public. I don’t mean this in terms of commercial success at all, I mean more in the sense that a lot of people don’t recognize the fact that the odds of them being formed/sticking together/having success and longevity are insanely slim. Like winning the lottery type of odds. I think the genius of Break Up Song made me realize this.

    I dunno, I’m probably not making much sense, just rambling. I mean obviously a girl group had to fill the market. I’m just so glad it was them against all the odds. They really are something of a miracle and have carved their own legacy for sure.
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  2. It’s even more miraculous that they haven’t had any hiatus or break in between and they also don’t show any signs of slowing down.

    Even in their most recent interviews they mention how they still have so much more they want to do.

    I see them going a couple more years full steam and then taking a break to do solo projects, spend time with loved ones, start families etc

    I can picture them becoming a bit like the girlband equivalent to Take That. Live their lives, do solo projects but always come back together to do an album and tour, every other year.

    I genuinely don’t really ever see us getting a “Little Mix announce split/indefinite hiatus” headline.
  3. It really is almost unbelievable that they wouldn’t be where they are today had they not received a “no” after auditioning solo and a second “no” at bootcamp when put into two other different groups only then to become Rhythmix at the time.

    Add to that the fact that their chemistry is bulletproof and the harmonies work perfectly, I think it’s safe to say it probably won’t ever happen again. It’s like it was meant to be because their win was against all odds.

    When I think about them I think of a Take That sort of career as well. I sort of thought they’d maybe pause for a bit after the sixth album but you never know.

    I’m all for a Little Mix album when they’re in their 40s/50s.
  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    What's up with the reverb going crazy on the last part of Woman Like Me around 9:10?
    It's not like that on my album (thankfully)
  5. I think that was a problem of the video itself rather than the song.
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  6. I clocked this the other day too. I could see Clean bandit x Little Mix working quite well to be honest.
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  7. Didn't they mention a collab/feature they were excited about but it wasn't 100% confirmed yet? This could be really good if its with them.
  8. Clean Bandit has interacted with Jade on Instagram before. I remember their profile commenting something like "check your DM's" and I thought something was up. It's odd that it's only on hers but I hope this turns out to be something, I've always wanted them to collab.

    Edit: Here it is:
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  9. Why am I screaming at this.

    She looks beautiful though.


    Is this some sort of hint or just foolery?
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  10. That's really intriguing.
  11. Something must be coming.
  12. That’s definitely a hint at something.. it’s too specific to not be.
  13. People are guessing at the numbers pointing to something in November but I think that’d be too far for the second single.
  14. Album in Nov. would work. Continue dropping singles until then, announce the 2021 tour in Nov. with album/holiday promo (if touring is possible lol)
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  15. I was trying to see if any of the roman numerals link to something..

    XX = 20
    XI = 11

    2011 the year they were formed.

    XIX = 19 and they were formed on 19th August 2011.

    II = 2... not sure what that connection would be?

    Maybe I’m reading into it too much but it just seems too much of a coincidence that we have 19 and 2011 there.

    I guess that would also work with Tarot cards and ‘destined to be together’ sorta thing.
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  16. November as a clue seems a bit far fetched. The other numbers are 2, 19 and 20. By that logic February next year could also mean something or 19th of June or the 20th of Augustus etc.
  17. As much as I’d like to think the second single is coming sooner.. they’re going to want to wait until they can do a music video surely and I remember Katy Perry said music videos can’t get insurance until at least August/September time.
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  18. As much as I would love them to be hinting at something new, I feel like it’s just another bit relating to the music video.
    Didn’t they say they had already filmed a music video for another single?
  19. I must admit I did think this but then something tells me that Perrie has said recently that the Brazil video shoot was actually meant to be for the second single.

    EDIT: I just did a search on twitter and ‘Perrie just confirmed that the video shoot in Brazil was meant to be for the second single’ is being spoken about quite a bit.
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  20. Yeah something tells me the one for which they have a video ready might be the Tayla song which will probably be the third single.
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