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Little Mix - Break Up Song + 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. But if they can’t film a different one until late Summer, I’d assume they could just switch the order. Break Up Song was a decent sized hit and it’d be weird to let three months pass from now to follow up on it.
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  2. I thought this too! There must be a reason for them potentially not doing so. They already switched the order of which single was coming first anyway so they must be confident in all the songs.

    I think when they said that they had a music video sorted for one, everyone just assumed that that music video was for the song that they’d switched out of first single which seemed even more bizarre due to the situation but then Perrie confirmed that wasn’t the case which made a bit more sense.

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  4. Jesy recently said in an interview that the second single (the same single that they were supposed to film a music video for in Brasil) is ‘very fitting for when it’s going to be released’.

    I take it as a clue that it’s going to be released in summer (up beat summer song) or specifically in August when they were formed during Bootcamp on the X Factor. It would be fitting with the whole ‘celebration’ theme from the upcoming album.
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  5. Or it’s for Pride and it’s coming tomorrow?
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  6. Or Notting Hill Carnival?
  7. I thought similar to this too. Coming out the week of the 9th anniversary and that specific single has the connection to the album title being a ‘celebration’ which then sets them up perfectly to announce the 10th anniversary plans.

    The 10th anniversary officially falls on a Friday, imagine if they do Wembley Stadium or something on that exact date.
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  8. This is interesting, I wonder if it was intended to be filmed but didn’t get filmed or if something was actually filmed.

  9. Mvnl

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    Or it's about being free and only able to be released post all of the Covid measures?
  10. I’m pretty sure Leigh Anne has said something similar to Jesy, but she specifically referenced summer.
  11. Does anyone know if the girls have to take turns in the studio these days or if they can be there together?

    If the second scenario’s possible they should make the most of this time and already record some acoustic performances of whatever they intend to release next.
  12. Most likely separate. Or in pairs, at least.
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  13. BUS 27 this week in the UK - nice steady decline now
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  15. Perrie's Peri Peri? What is 2020?
  16. You bet I promoted my Wasabi performance in replied to the Twitter version of this post and it's gaining traction on there again, ooft.
  17. I'm assuming they have to be separate. Apparently group singing is classed as 'a particular danger', which made me laugh more than it probably should have.
  18. The second part of that producer’s reaction is out. Again, a very nice watch.

    Jade on the march.

    There are rumors she’s seeing this guy, she’s been seen with him a few times. Didn’t know him, he’s an actor.

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