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Little Mix - Break Up Song + 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Sure hes from Rizzle Kicks.
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  2. Sorry, but "pretty sure he's an actor" made me laugh more than it should've.

    Education Time!

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  3. Lol sorry, I googled him and it said “Movie Actor” under his name so I didn’t even realize. I know Rizzle Kicks by name but not their material. Will give it a listen.
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  4. I think he is an actor now?

    Happy for Jade if it's true. It seemed like she went through a lot with Jed.

  5. There’s been a bit more content with them these past few days, I wonder if something’s coming.
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  6. SMG


    Jade potentially being with Jordan makes me so happy. Our Rizzle Kicks queen.
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  7. I love his reactions, and he is so cute.
    In this video in particular, I love that he liked The Cure so much! It's usually an underrated song in my opinion. And I also liked his suggestions to make it better. I hope he really does a remix of it to be honest!
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  8. I ain't half missing the girls live performances. It's crazy to think the last time they performed (as a 4) was in November!
  9. That producer guy is such a scream. Sometimes I wonder if he pretends not to have listened to some of the albums or songs because he's a secret fan.
  10. I'm pretty sure this is new.
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  11. I don’t remember ever seeing that one before either. I’d say it’s definitely new.

    UPDATE: I found it on APRA AMCOS as well, and the ID number puts it registered after Break Up Song.
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  12. The fact the Summer tour would’ve started today makes me really sad.

    I bet next year they go all out to make up for it and I‘d love them to do a stadium on the official 10 years or something to make a proper moment of it.
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  13. Wasn’t it supposed to start on Friday 26th in Falkirk?

    I hope they do that too!
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  14. I adore Jordan as a person (he's also gorgeous, obviously) - so I am so happy to see him & Jade together!
  15. Oh my bad.. yes it was!

    I missed that date, first one showing was yesterday and I only thought about it as I was meant to be seeing them next Friday.. still upset about it!
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  16. I wonder what the setlist would’ve been for the Summer Tour.

    New tracks heavy? Singles heavy like the last summer tour? A re-do of the LM5 setlist with some tweaks?

    I’m so sad we’ll never know!
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  17. I don’t know if this is happening everywhere but Served’s airing on MTV Brazil from next Tuesday. So weird seeing Jade on the TV over here as part of the regular schedule.

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  18. Last episode. I screamed when Jade compared Norma to Honey G.

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  19. Sorry if I missed this but what happened with the scheduling of their BBC show?
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