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Little Mix - Break Up Song + 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. So bloody happy for her. It was a tough category.
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  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    A legend.

    It may just be a sign of the times (like things change, artists are more open in general) but the way she and the other girls speak out about really vulnerable topics and keep trooping on and sticking together. There's something really special about this band.
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  3. To have performed at NTAs after they won The XFactor and to now winning an award. What a full circle moment!
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  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    They've sure come a long long way.
    And it's so great to witness. Cause it's so much more than 'going from X Factor winners to having hit singles and multiple albums'. We genuinely watched them grow so much, and even though there's plenty of bands I followed for years it's rare to see.
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  5. The Sun is already jumping on her for not thanking Little Mix. What a piece of trash publication.

  6. I love how she’s open about this meaning more to her than a BRIT Award.
  7. It would have been nice for her to thank the girls, but it wasn't necessary. The girls didn't play any part in this documentary apart from shortly appearing in it and I doubt that they expected to be thanked for that. A needle in a haystack I guess, so go on stupid tabloids!

    This is more than well deserved and I am utterly happy for Jesy! You can tell how much it meant to her to do this documentary and apart from bringing her closure it also is a really well made educational program!

  8. I didn't think I'd love any girl band as much as Girls Aloud, but the sheer joy Little Mix bring me and the adoration I have for them is something else. Well done, Jesy.
  9. I didn't even notice to be honest. She did say thank you to 'everyone who was in it' so that includes the girls anyway?
  10. It was such a heartfelt speech and considering she was only just holding it together and being able to speak I doubt the girls will think anything bad of this.
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  11. They start filming today.
  12. She didn't thank "the fans" either, the reason being it wasn't anything to do with Little Mix. This was about her documentary and her experiences of social media and the mental health associations with it.

    God The Sun really is just a cesspit.
  13. A song of theirs leaked, I'd say it was probably for either DNA or Get Weird... Probably for DNA considering Perrie's voice sounds very deep. It's cute. The sound is a bit Cher LLoyd's debut album.
  14. I was wondering the same thing. It’s cute but it didn’t sound very current, and then Perrie started singing. It’s definitely pre-tonsils coming out.
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  15. It's a DNA outtake for definite.
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  16. I wish the album that never happened would leak.
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  17. I like this!

    I wish we could get more leaks from them. I’m surprised we haven’t had much considering how long they’ve been releasing music now.
  18. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Since this never happened before I sorta didn't even realise they HAD unreleased material?
    Silly, considering there's a full album of it, but I just kinda assumed for their early albums anything they recorded made it.
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  19. The person on Twitter who seems to be leaking them (they also posted Zara Larson’s demo of Think About Us) and hinting at the songs a few days before they are posted was posting about their version of Senorita with Luis Fonsi. Would be interesting to hear that, too.
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