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Little Mix - Break Up Song + 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. I wish the girls would jump on the big dance pop trend with their new album but knowing them they’ll jump on the trend that just ended and release trap/urban songs.
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  2. Tayla Parx has written some of their new album with them. And given the quality of Dua's 'Physical', let me remain hopeful.
  3. They have actually branched out with who they’ve worked with this time around which gives me a bit of excitement.

    Jade said recently that they decided if they want to work with someone they’re just going to ask them which is exactly what they should be doing.

    Hopefully a good sign of something excellent coming.
  4. Why would you legitimately want them to "jump on a trend"? Shouldn't they be aiming to start one?
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  5. In that case particularly because I like it a lot and think they'd sound great singing something like that.

    I didn't know Tayla had written Physical. I was actually thinking she'd have given them something along the lines of thank u, next.
  6. Ari


    Not been on here in awhile but With You is a DNA scrap and Zara Think About Us is her version of the full song from 2018.

    Both of these which I leaked myself in the PopHatesFlops discord server so confused at any Twitter accounts claiming the leak as theres lol.

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  7. This is cute.
  8. With You isn't all that bad, suprised they never used it
  9. Love this! Definitely sounds like it was from DNA era due to Perrie’s voice.

  10. Isn’t that Max Martin on the far right?

    she better be netwerkin for their worldwide breakout number 1 written by Max
  11. I'd be intrigued to hear what a Little Mix / Max Martin song would sound like.
  12. a decade defining a bop
  13. Nine years in the making! My god! I hope this works out!
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  14. Won’t get excited, they probably just hung out.
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  15. Still a start and right networking.

    If they aren’t working together, they’ve definitely at least politely discussed it (which is something) and Jade will definitely have brought it up.
  16. Wonder what this look is for!

  17. Leigh has just tagged someone on her Insta story that they are with at the moment, on his story he showed that he was filming The Big Narstie Show at ITV tonight. Could be that?
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  19. Surely, surely, surely Jade found time during the bowling game to say “Hey Max, fancy writing us a song?”

    I’ve dreamed of Max Martin x Little Mix for years!
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