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Little Mix - Break Up Song + 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Haven’t they been filming for The Search?

  2. Oh, I forgot to share this here. Some of the "Youtube-only" acoustics have been uploaded to Spotify.

    With You (Demo)
    Want to Want Me / Dance With Somebody
    Run The World
    I Will Wait
    Doo Wop / Never Leave You (Acapella)
    Wings (Japanese Version)
    Wings (Korean Version)
    Wishing On A Star
    Shout Out to My Ex (Live at The BRITs)
    Black Magic (Live from The BRITs)
    Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
    Bounce Back (Acoustic)
    Love On The Brain

    Quality´s not great but it does it for me.
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  3. This is adorable.
  4. The first single of the sixth album has been chosen.

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  5. I hope it's one of Tayla's co-writes!
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  6. I hope it’s not the track.
  7. Any artist since 2010: “Can’t wait for you to hear our new material!”

    Gays with taste:
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  8. Mixers:
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  9. They teased Woman Like Me since early August and it didn't came out until October...I hope they don't do the same this time.
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  10. It’s odd though because this one suggested to me we still had a while to wait.
  11. They probably literally recorded it yesterday or something.
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  12. Yeah I can't see us getting anything for a month or two yet.
  13. So what would they perform in Brazil? Considering they’re here in a month (March 8th).
  14. Probably the LM5 tour setlist, with maybe a few adjustments.

  15. Yeah that’s what I expected initially but on the tweet above they hint on something new, maybe it was just talk.
  16. Things I did - THAT.
  17. AMAZING!
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  18. I'm sure they'll debut a new single on The Search, but even with the earliest possible air date starting right after The Greatest Dancer ends, the show would still be in pre-recorded auditions when they travel to Brazil. My bet is they'll debut a teaser like they did for Bounce Back.
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