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Little Mix - Break Up Song + 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Blasting the song on headphones is a moment! I can see why Perrie said she dances to it all the time; it's truly a fantastic song!

    Can someone Coverlandia a new cover though? This one is not that appealing.
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  2. The live shows of The Search have been pushed back to Autumn, so even if this summer tour does go ahead (and that's a big if) then there won't be a winner yet to go on it anyway.
  3. This is better than Physical.
    This is the best bit of pop they’ve released in a long time.
    This has made me forget what’s going on in the world for 3 minutes and 20 glorious seconds.
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  4. Their best lead for me by FAR, not even joking. I don't really like Wings, Ex and Woman Like Me, I like Black Magic and Move and LOVE this. A triumph.
  5. SMG


    Where are you all listening to this?
  6. Did not expect this song to be so good!
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  7. With Glastonbury getting cancelled and it was meant to be happening on the same weekend as one of their shows I don’t really see tour going ahead plus it wouldn’t be safe.
  8. This is so instant and is honestly just going to be my constant theme tune whilst working from home - not in an office for people to tell me otherwise!

    I love the echo after Perrie sings ‘let you go’.
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  9. Their lead singles are quite the tale of two halves aren’t they?
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  10. Glastonbury is very different because it requires a couple of months of preparation and build on the site beforehand - and they didn't want to endanger crew working on it. The summer tour they can pretty much turn up on the day and perform.
  11. Mvnl

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    I mean it still requires rehearsals.. recording of backing videos..
    You could put those 4 girls on a stage, they know their parts, just perform. But that only really works if the audience is aware of the fact they're doing this in a very different situation.

    I for one kinda appreciate how we're now getting interviews and promo through live streams. It's just as personable and probably may show artists 'wait, there's a different way to all of this!'.
    But I'm not sure the same works for concerts
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  12. SMG


    Leigh sounds gorgeous in the first verse.
  13. This is a complete fucking blast.
  14. The post-chorus is sublime!
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  15. Oooh this is my fave since Touch.
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  16. There are elements of Nothing Else Matters to this, and that's one of my top 10 Little Mix songs so I love it.
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  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I'm still not convinced that it's my favourite lead single of theirs but it's something different from them, and there's literally no (western) girl groups doing straight pop right now so here for all of this.
  18. I had one wee listen and it did not click immediately. Now with headphones...

    I’m glad it does!
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  19. RJF


    The post-chorus is probably one of their finest moments. I think... two are holding down the main melody while two of them modulate it slightly and it just POPS.
  20. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I love both the fact they're getting some down/hometime they hardly get and deserve, and the fact Leigh's already missing the others.
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