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Little Mix - Break Up Song + 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Immediately one of their best. They all sound great, but Leigh-Anne and Perrie absolutely devour this.

    This will sound electrifying live.
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  2. Sam


    I just can’t stop listening. I’m actually obsessed
  3. This is so anthemic and that chorus is huge. It deserves to be one of their biggest ever smashes.
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  4. It's the best thing about it. Perrie's comment about "dancing around the whole day to it" is spot on. I gave it a spin earlier and it gave me such joy, it makes you feel like you have no worries at all which is exactly what everyone needs right now. It's also so gratifying that this is essentialy their sound, it's so Little Mix.

    They'll change the Spotify artwork eventually, right?
  5. They’ve really hit the nail on the head with this. Without a doubt one of their best. There isn’t a specific focus, it’s not trying to be anything. It’s just a pure, euphoric pop classic that feels very unique, yet extremely easy to listen to and radio friendly. They sound settled and care free, I mean they have nothing to prove anymore I guess.
    brb I think there’s a tear in my eye. What a tune.
  6. Urgh this is even better in HD
  7. I bloody love it! Had it on repeat the past hour.

    It’s giving me major flashbacks to the premiere of Black Magic in the sense that they resorted back to pop after Salute didn’t do as well. Feels like they’re doing it again after LM5’s success compared to Glory Days.

    I just hope this follows the same trajectory as Black Magic and becomes a massive hit!
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  8. This is their Girls Aloud: Untouchable in terms of how euphoric it is. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Shaznay could write something like this with William Orbit for All Saints. It’s solid, such a strong release from them in ages
  9. I can see the "Blinding Lights" comparison with how it builds.
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  10. I could swear the high note was Jade's!
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  11. Jade's range is higher, no?
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  12. Sorry, I wrote it wrong. I thought it was Jade's, but it's actually Leigh's!
  13. Aha! They have similar sounding voices so it's definitely easy to get confused.
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  14. Video backdrops aren’t 100% essential. The girls make do given circumstances often and phone in performances or recycle material all the time
  15. If the summer tour goes ahead, I’d be more than happy it being the hits, alongside a few summer covers that everyone knows.

    Then release the album to coincide with The Search, find the winner, tour Autumn 2021 to celebrate a decade as well as promote the album. Also gives the winners a chance to establish themselves throughout next year.
  16. Quarantine getting to your head, luv?
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  17. This is really fucking good.
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  18. #1 on Hot Songs and #2 on New Music Daily on Apple Music.
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