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Little Mix - Break Up Song + 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Curious to see how it’ll place tomorrow on Spotify. Bounce Back fell from #17 to #30 and then went back to #20 on the following day.
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  2. Little Mix definitely is a rubbish band name, but at a certain point it just becomes a name.
    It's been a long time since I've really thought about it as an actual string of words.
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  3. Our minds, About the Boy is another bop.
  4. Ooh this all looks promising. Love the single.
  5. When’s the video coming, any ideas?
  6. There won't be a video.
  7. I love the song. It fits nicely with If I Get My Way, Dear Lover, No More Sad Songs and Touch.
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  8. Well, they can't film anything right now. So not anytime soon.
  9. It did around 844,000 without discounts yesterday on Spotify, so considering the discount yesterday, I'd say it'll leave the Global Top 200 today.

    Considering Bounce Back's fall in the UK x its second day streams, I'd say this ill probably fall to 30-40 today in the UK...
  10. I think they'll probably wait until this initial period of lockdown is over in the UK before they make a decision. Then if things remain the same (which is likely), I'm thinking/hoping they'll put something together virtually. The Tik Tok thing is proving popular so capitalising on that in some way seems like the obvious thing to do.
  11. I commented on Callum’s (tour photographer) insta couple weeks ago asking if there was more unseen LM5 tour footage and he replied saying yeah, loads. Worst case scenario they could make up another video with the footage and put in their vertical video clips. I don’t think I’d tire from seeing their goofy behind the scenes tbh.
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  12. This is #5 in the midweeks, so I think a top 15 debut should be achievable.
  13. A bit sh*t that it'll end up debuting lower than Bounce Back...
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  14. If all goes well it'll peak higher though. It's a far better song.
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  15. Out of curiosity, is there any source for the portion of the streaming market that Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon represent in the UK?
  16. Down to 25 on Spotify
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  17. I's definitely doing better than Bounce Back, then.
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  18. yep - and with much less support
  19. Bounce Back went 17-30.
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