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Little Mix - Break Up Song + 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. One of my most favourite things in pop is screamacious vocal attacks from nowhere and this has not one but two unprovoked, extra-dimensional, malicious instances going into and during the final chorus. The dissociation me and my battered wig experience every single time!

  2. So Jade and Leigh-Ann video called in from their homes. They have a great ability to bring smiles to faces.

    Leigh started to speak and her video then went blurred and her dog started barking loudly in the background. A bit later she spoke about how her and her partner keep prancing each other. She said she cracked an egg on his bum, and now I need a gif of Jade’s reaction to that!

    No new info. Album is nearly done one of their favourites. They put leas pressure on themselves and at the moment are trying to make the most of their free time as they hardly get any.
  3. #6 in the midweeks today. I doubt it'll hold the top 10 given the current radio support, but let's hope it can climb in the current weeks like 'Physical' did.

    Airplay is still crap, but it's been moved up a bitsy on Hot Hits UK, so that's something.
  4. Where is the video?
  5. RJF


    I feel like people bemoaning lack of radio support are forgetting that they've been going for nearly eight years now. That's a long time for most pop acts and positively ancient and borderline uncharted territory for a girlband. Against all odds they've actually moved into a fairly safe space of still being able to shift albums (consistently, which is a feat given how they were clearing progressively bigger multi-platinum certifications as the market collapsed) and especially shift tour tickets. They're even at the centre of a massive BBC reality show. This single isn't even performing that badly. They're just... maybe not at the height of their powers any more. And that's fine.

    I also remember saying repeatedly in multiple threads across the years that y'all better enjoy one of the rarest phenomenons in pop: the girlband imperial phase, but you were content to whine about them not performing on certain platforms or to condemn a performance for having a mimed chorus and generally act ungrateful for the endless touring and hit snatching and act aggrieved at two things they maybe didn't do because they were busy doing two hundred other things. You don't know what you got till it's gone, I guess.
  6. We won't bring up again how so many of y'all complained about Smash Like Me's performance.

    Also, I'm pretty sure it will pick up the airplay they usually do, they're just not "must go straight to the top of every playlist on week one" artists anymore. I don't doubt it'll be on the Radio 1 A-list within 4/5 weeks.
  7. I tend to get absorbed into the will-they-get-enough-support-panic with every new release too, but RJF's post comes at a good time for me. Let's just enjoy that they're still putting out fantastic music, that they seem to be so into it themselves 8 years on, that they never let long periods without content pass! Literally no one (except maybe Tulisa) would have guessed that the first single from album 6 would turn out to be another a career high for them!
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  8. RJF


    "Platinum? No, it's a flop and I don't like it. Poor them!" - LM5 thread
  9. Does airplay count for the charts? Or do you mean because the lack of radio support would hinder the streaming/sales performance?

    By the way I'm thinking The Weeknd's new tracks might bump them down a bit on Itunes.

  10. This doesn't make any sense... how can it be not as good as Black Magic on one list, but Black Magic isn't above it on the second.
  11. Hmmm, they're actually 3.8k sales ahead of #11...They could make the top 10 if streaming increases throughout the week?
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  12. AirPlay doesn't count in the UK charts but it does translate into streams and downloads, so more airplay = better sales.
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  13. This might be a really stupid assumption but will radio listeners not be down right now?

    Less people in cars going places and less people in offices, shops listening to it etc.

    I know I usually have Capital on my morning and afternoon drives and I’ve not even listened to it in nearly two weeks now.

    The streaming services would be an easier demographic to reach right now, no?
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Surely radio listeners will be up if the GP are home all day and don't have their own tastes so just stick on whatever radio channel they can.
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  15. I think during isolation people spend more time on Youtube, which is why it's a shame they don't have an actual video there.

    Didn't streaming numbers decrease?
  16. I think streaming is confirmed to be slightly down for this reason, I would assume the same applies to the radio.
  17. Down to 27 on Spotify
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  18. Like a lot of other users have touched on, to be releasing music this good, 8 years on for a girl group from X Factor of all places is incredible and really puts things into perspective. We could have easily lost them at album 1, so the fact they’ve made it this far is just a bonus? Whether they continue to have immense chart success or not, I’ll just be thankful for the music, which remains consistently good, and I can definitely see them releasing a few more albums that get gold certifications, and doing a few more sell out tours. I think they’ll last longer than any act from X factor.
  19. I love how she's hung all their plaques.
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