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Little Mix - Confetti (6th Album)/No Time For Tears

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. It would have made a great JoJo song because you know she would have sung her entire face off. But glad it went to Little Mix in the end.
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    I love how it feels not like “oh we’re awkwardly doing 3 person routines now” or “omg wow they’re amazing as a three piece” but “they’re doing a great job while missing an all import stuff member”.
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  3. I miss Jesy so much. I miss her fluttery vibrato and sultry low tones, and the way she absolutely eats the choreo every live performance.

    That being said — damn if these girls aren’t the most magnetic and magical group of performers. Great great performance. Leigh-Anne looks absolutely STUPID good. Serving Chili from TLC vibes. What a great performance. And I can watch any interview with them. So charismatic. So funny.
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  4. The performance was good but I miss Jesy’s energy when there performing. I do hope she’s come’s back at some point soon when she’s ready !
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  5. 1) Can whoever directed this performance please have a word with everyone at all the major award shows and TV singing contests? It feels like a revelation to watch a performance where... I can see the fucking performance clearly. Well done camera team.

    2) It was very good.

    3) Hearing Jesy’s vocals on the backing track made me sad :(
  6. It was a bit of a kii in the final chorus when they’re all ad-libbing for their life with no one even mouthing the actual chorus. Of course, having the full set would’ve been tops but the three of them absolutely murdered that stage!
  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I'm really torn if it's good to have a track where Jesy's represented even if she isn't there or.. sad indeed
  8. Incredible performance.

    Sweet Snappery, indeed.
  9. I just watched and loved it - I’m really not bothered about lip syncing because it’s over a prerecorded track not like when people mime over the studio recording so it makes feel like a live recording!

    Plus I’m very impressed that no one slipped in that water... I’d be on my butt within minutes!
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  10. Has anybody watched their concert LM5 in theaters this weekend? It feels like it doesn't exist, but it's playing...
  11. This heterosexual explanation of Jesy being gone took me a moment to digest

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  12. Had tickets for today but can't go anymore.

    *sad emoji*
  13. There was something quite entertaining about Michael, Joe and Jonathan sat there in straight-men suits while the girls were serving high-fashion on the other side.
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  14. Great performance and I'm very happy Sweet Melody went to them but I'm left slightly cold knowing their writing session with Tayla and Robin Frid ended up with Not A Pop Song and Sweet Melody was just lying in the vault and not created for them.
  15. I really can’t imagine anyone else singing Sweet Melody to be honest.
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  16. It's not a fair comparison but the rare few times a client wanted to sit in with me while designing something for them the end result is usually shit. You have to please them and you can't really relax and enjoy the work.

    We got our bop that's all that matters.
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  17. Still reeling from the news that Sweet Melody was offered to those other artists before Little Mix. As if any of them have the platform and/or talent and/or attitude to pull it off.
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  18. I'm honestly not being shady, but... why? Like, who cares in the grand scheme of things? I imagine a lot of their songs weren't written with them specifically in mind, it doesn't mean they don't bring them to life better than anyone else would (can you imagine Selene Nomez actually trying to bleat her way through Sweet Melody? I can hear satan etc)
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  19. It actually doesn't matter at all because that's how the industry works, my gripe was more with Not A Pop Song being the result of their actual writing session. The girls got lucky with Sweet Melody so I'm happy.
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  20. Very interesting. I came here to say that the camera work on this performance was a great shame.

    The lightning wasn’t great either.

    I guess different things through different eyes.
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