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Little Mix - Confetti (6th Album)/No Time For Tears

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. In that case, let's toast to them being in the sessions for Not A Good Song in order for them to get hold of Sweet Smashery!

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  2. Ugh yes!!! The performance was amazing.

    When and if the tour happens, we need a water segment where they do Sweet Melody, Touch and Power.
  3. Okay but I would low-key love to hear Hailee Steinfeld’s version of Sweet Melody.
  4. Wow, that performance was strong and intense! I feel guilty for saying that but they do really work as a three-piece group! Of course I hope Jesy will be back when she feels better, but they do really keep the Little Mix legacy going! Great performers and it makes me like the song more, they totally deserve to see it smashing!
  5. 11 on Spotify but with 3 Christmas songs above.
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  6. I’m more than happy with the girls getting this absolute perfection of a bop, but let’s still be sensible. Selena most definitely has the platform and JoJo the talent and attitude...
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  7. Very very low.
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  8. it would be nowhere near a sweet melody!
  9. Can they do Graham Norton next please? I need my weekly Sweet Melody performance fix.
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  10. I wasn't crazy 'bout the words but the melodies were sweet barely audible.
  11. The new album may not be their strongest but damn this track is a career high. Give me a 12" with remixes.
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  12. How did I not know that Ellie was the girls Beauty Therapist? I didn’t even know Ellie did beauty, she never posts beauty things... Perrie always said she was her PA!

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  13. I kinda got the impression from MNEK’s words that Sweet Melody and Wasabi didn’t sound how they sound (he wasn’t originally a fan of either) until they were being put together, in the studio with Little Mix.

    He words it in a way that makes it sound like with Little Mix, both songs were altered, co-written etc to suit them.

    So, the Sweet Melody we have now would probably sound quite different, if it had gone to someone else and he might still have hated it - and we wouldn’t be loving it in the same way either.

    Basically - some things are just meant to be and this being a Little Mix song is one of them.
  14. Honestly I just thought Ellie went on tour with them because she’s Perrie’s cousin and she enjoys having the company of her family with her
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  15. I will not take this JoJo slander
  16. JoJo would do the verses justice but I just can’t fathom the thought of this chorus not being sung by a group.
  17. It's fine as JoJo had a MNEK bop out of their sessions too, and this song just feels like it was made to be a Little Mix song. That Jonathan Ross performance was SO GOOD. Really miss Jesy of course, but I also hope they do continue as a band (only if they want to of course).

  18. 'One I've Been Missing' hopefully gets some streams this year.
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  19. I was just watching this video and it’s actually very cute. Much better than the official one.
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