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Little Mix - Confetti (6th Album)/No Time For Tears

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Sweet Melody back in the top 3 on Apple Music
  2. I wonder if the instrumental is from the single.
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  3. Honestly that Jonathan Ross performance might be their absolute best.
  4. Celeb hanger ons usually take up weird titles like this.
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  5. What’s the relevance of being a football stadium to the song? Anything or?
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  6. I think he’s just straight.
  7. She’s literally her cousin dd
  8. I think @chromatica means that in order to get featured in the credits they gave her a title. They wouldn't write Ella: Cousin and PA is probably not too exciting dd.
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  9. Sorry I didn’t mean it like that - I just mean people on tours with miscellaneous roles and how they’re credited in tour programmes etc
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  10. Sweet Melody’s holding at 4 on today’s midweeks.

    BTS’s new song is ahead so they might fall behind the girls, who could get yet another week in the Top 3!
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  11. Why couldn't they have released the tour film on a streaming platform? Everybody's in lock down mode.
  12. One I’ve Been Missing is really bad. I’d rather they try again or push Love Me Like You instead.
  13. So the film still showed here in Australian cinemas like planned, and my friends who went said it was actually really good. Can't wait to see it myself.
    I would've gone to see it but I was shooting a video for drag kii.
  14. It sounds silly but I genuinely think Love Me Like You could’ve been a Christmas hit if they’d have pushed the Christmas mix and maybe like...added the word Christmas in somehow?
    One of the reasons I’m not into the song itself is that it sounds so much like a Christmas song. But the public would’ve ate a proper Christmas remix up I recon.

    One I’ve Been Missing is cute, but as like a Christmas album track, not a single.
  15. Completely agree! The Christmas Mix sounded really good live too.

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  16. On paper, Little Mix doing a Christmas track was a great idea, but they deserved a great big bop of a Christmas song in the vein of Santa Tell Me / Underneath The Tree. It’s one of the most disappointing missteps of their career for me.
  17. Last Christmas I laid in bed so blue
    Cuz I realized the truth
    They can’t love me like you
  18. I haven’t listened to the album yet but Confetti came on randomly and I love the track. It’s such a mood and so much fun.
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  19. Aw, I know what you mean, but I have a soft spot for One I've Been Missing.

    I've just added it to our work Christmas playlist, along with Leona, Kelly and Ariana!
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