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Little Mix - Confetti (6th Album) + Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Also, the baggy/loose outfits they wore the other day make even more sense. Love that Jade and Perrie were "matching" so that Leigh's outfit didn't catch extra attention
  2. Honestly, they have the best poker faces! Every time something comes out and you look back, they hide things so so so well!
  3. Bringing life to the world surrounded by love is unbeatable. Besides, why can’t women have babies AND work? Cos she’s defo not slowing down. A mogul, a businesswoman, an artist, a mother.
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  4. ADM


    I know it’s because Perrie said “we’ll be great aunties” but Leigh says “ye will” and you can kind of tell that Perrie put the extra into it because it was happening, as well as Leigh not really saying anything as she was taking in what we thought was hypothetical!
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  5. Aww, I am so happy for her! She looks sensational in those photos.

    I really don't want to entertain any conversations about them breaking up because one of them is having a child. They have said themselves that they have a lot planned for this year. They have recorded several tracks, several collaborations with another music video ready to go. They also have a tour next year.

    Leigh-Anne strikes me as somebody who wants to do it all. Singer, songwriter, performer, actress, activist, drag king, mogul. Let's just add Mother to that list!
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  6. Doing that choreography in the Confetti video whilst pregnant queen behaviour. I know it wasn’t exactly difficult choreo but still.
  7. Yeah the way we never noticed they’ve been only wearing large outfits, Confetti included! So cute!

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  8. I mean, technically she can do all those things and be a mother but if you're planning a baby with your fiance something tells me none of that is a priority, and as I've said before in relation to the whole band, after 10 years of non-stop work it's naturally not going to be and that's okay.
  9. I’ve never gotten the vibe from Leigh Anne that she’s ready to slow down. Even recently she’s been talking about how excited she is for not just what Little Mix has planned but for herself as well. She just signed a solo management deal a couple of months ago, she’s making her film debut later this year, etc. She can prioritize a family and her career.
  10. Yay for Leigh! She will be a wonderful mom. I'm dying at the thought of Jade and Perrie performing as a folk duo in her absence.
  11. Mini Mix already in production.
  12. I actually got vibes from what Leigh-Anne was wearing on the Confetti video (that gown over another outfit) - so happy for her!
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  13. Ditto. I didn't want to suggest it in case it was assumed I thought she looked like she gained weight! ha

    Truly thrilled for her. What an incredible year she will have, documentary, film and a baby!
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  14. These outfits sealed the deal for me the other day!
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  15. Did not see this coming. I’ve been so busy with work, I missed all the signs haha! I’m over the moon for her, this is so exciting. Those photos are STUNNING.
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  16. Confetti slipped only two spots to #61 on Spotify. Now that it’s on Hot Hits, it will hopefully start rising, although probably not drastically since it’s not very high. It holding this high over the past couple of days seems like a good sign though.
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  18. Wow that announcement photo shoot is such a serve, she looks stunning. Delighted for her.
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