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Little Mix - Confetti (6th Album) + Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Presumably she didn’t know that when she started seeing him and then by then he’s a much changed person. Otherwise it would be seriously problematic.
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  2. I doubt unfortunately that she'll ever be able to escape anxiety over image/weight in an industry where those misogynistic pressures run rampant and there's never a shortage of press, stylists, dancers, managers..etc to (intentionally or not)prepetuate it, but I'm glad that at least for now she's found some confidence, peace and happiness. It's so sad that she continuously struggled with this anxiety for years even though she's absolutely gorgeous and was surrounded by what only seemed like nothing but loving support from the girls.. but in a world obsessed with unrealistic beauty/body expectations it's no surprise. I hope she continues to heal and have confidence.
  3. Scream!
  4. I hope the pregnancy is not the reason for no Brit performance. I always thought it would equally be a great thing for them to do a toned down vocal performance for The Brits at least once and get that credibility and kudos for that. This could have been an opportunity for that so that it could still be a banging performance but no intensive choreo.
  5. Obviously the girls would nail a vocal performance but none of their recent hits really lend to a big moment like that and the girls themselves have said that they like to go all out at the Brits so they usually want to do big choreographed numbers. I also assume that if the Brits were going to book Little Mix this year, they’d want Sweet Melody and that’s just not happening right now.
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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The lack of tact some of you have on here is....remarkable.
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  7. I think if a woman doesn't want to perform because she's pregnant that's okay.
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  8. Their Secret Love Song Pt 2 performance at The Search was A MOMENT. I'd love to see something like that on The Brits stage one day...
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  9. RMK


    dd not that post making me envision a ballad version of Confetti at the BRITs.
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  10. They let gosyco ruined that opportunity not making -Wasabi and- Monster in Me a single after Think About Us and performing it in 2020.
  11. Honestly wouldn’t be surprised at this point with all of them wearing baggy clothes
  12. Well can they draft Nadine from M.O. as a fill in member when Leigh is on maternity leave
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  13. Of course. That goes without saying. I was talking more about them thinking they only have to give high intensity routines and hoping they don’t feel that’s all they have to give for The Brits or it’s nothing.
  14. Exactly!!!!!! And they got so much respect and praise for they performance without a whiff of choreo. To be appreciated more for their vocals on a platform as big as The Brits would have been great.
    Let’s hope they get the Group award.
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  15. Edit: They really are doing the promo circuit this week!

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  16. The way Confetti just catapulted back into the top 50 on Spotify with such little support.

    This is going to be the second biggest hit of the era isn't it?
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  17. Yes please
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  18. I was in the hospital waiting room yesterday and I could not get 'Confetti' out of my head. I didn't even like it that much on the album, but this remix has done wonders.
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  19. I’m so happy for Leigh and her great news!

    I’d love to see them perform at the Brits but it’s completely understandable if they make the decision not to perform.

    I also looooove the confetti video! One of their best definitely in terms of choreo and polish.

    I wonder what they have in store for later this year as they say it’s going to a busy year for them...
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