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Little Mix - Confetti (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Now imagine that but signed. I'd be all over that.
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  2. Oop at the good sis @Joe. getting a response from Jade herself in the comments.
  3. My only gripe with the album cover is that Jade's pictures look a tad blurry compared to the rest. Other than that, it looks fab.

    Looking forward to the tour announcement too. Me and my friend were supposed to seeing them on their cancelled Summer Tour this year, so hopefully we can get to this!
  4. I’m still worried about them announcing dates for April. It just sounds too soon with everything that’s going on...

    Ddd I’ve only just noticed Jade’s profile picture change on Instagram.
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  5. Same but I’m going to get tickets so that even if it’s postponed until later in the year, at least I’ve got them :)

    I wonder if it’ll be a UK only tour or if they’ll add international dates.
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  6. Depending on the dates I'll buy them too... I don't know when they'll do their last ever tour but I feel like it's a bit risky to never have attended at least one full concert of theirs by their tenth year in activity.
  7. For an album called confetti all I see is Glitter.... would love to know who designed it as it literally looks like something from Coverlandia using stock images of slow shutter speed lights.
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  8. Do we know when the tour will be? I was presuming it'll be 2nd half of next year, going by past tour announcements!
  9. April/May 2021.
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  10. Youuuuu happened and I tripped headfirst... and yooooour heaven is a place on earth.....
  11. I reckon we're heading for a second uk number one album, what about you all? The promo is shaping up and the hype feels very real..all arrows seem to be pointing at a number one
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  12. When do we think they’ll release the next single? I’m assuming it’s the one used in the post below?
  13. I reckon we'll start getting the Confetti single roll out very soon! It sounds great so getting joan of arcISH vibes
  14. I reckon we'll get it in about 2/3 weeks.

    I'm assuming it's the one Taylor Parks wrote that Jade said was "Touch part 2"
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  15. Oh wow, the girls are serving it. Slowly starting to stan again!

    Only annoying thing is that I wish 'Confetti' was under the Little Mix logo, and both fonts bigger so it filled up that massive gap slightly.
  16. I was confused if the preview on that post was from Confetti the track or the Tayla one, since she’s not credited on Confetti:

    I get Touch-y vibes from that snippet though.
  17. The album cover is strange. Not a fan of all the dead space in the upper half of the image. The weird glare effect makes it look like someone is taking a photo of the cover through glass. Very odd. Too much "graphic design" going on at once.
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  18. Okay this was super rushed as you can tell by the spacing of 'confetti' and my clone stamping where the original text was, but I re-did the cover to how I personally would like it.

  19. If they intend to have a Deluxe version they’d announce it before Friday, surely?
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