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Little Mix - Confetti (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. I won't get my hopes up since they haven't been pulling great numbers but here's hoping. So far they only have Kylie to beat but november is always busy you never know what's coming.
  2. Kylie has had her pre order up since Say Something, right? This sound is far more up her fanbase’s lane than Golden’s which pulled in great sales in April, compared to LM5’s in November. I think it’ll be easier for her with a possibility of the girls taking it due to The Search.

    I’m sure she’ll have great promo too though and a lot of bundles. Hopefully the girls do some bundles too.

    I wish they’d have scheduled it for a different date so that both them and Kylie could nab a #1. Legends. Say Something is still one of my favourite singles this year.
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  3. Friday 9AM. UK Time?
  4. I really like the cover, especially how colorful it all is. So so excited for this album. LM5 was one of my favorites of 2018, and I really interested to see what the rest of the album will be like.

    And are people actually upset the album is being released the same day as Kylie's just cause of...chart positions? You're getting two (hopefully) great pop albums but one of the best girl groups and one of the biggest pop icons on the same day! That's a cause for celebration! And therefore confetti!
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  5. I actually love the title and enjoy the artwork. It makes me think we'll get a really fun dance-party album from them.
  6. I love Holiday and can’t stop bopping that is all.
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  7. I absolutely love the cover, I can't wait to see all different formats that they will pull out to get all my money!
  8. With an album title like Confetti, it will be a massive missed opportunity if they don’t do a splatter vinyl

  9. I might end up being way off, but I think The Search is going to do a lot of heavy lifting for them - and I think they probably need a bit of a refresh in the public eyes, so it's coming at the perfect time. Even if the show doesn't get big 5+ million ratings, the time slot is big enough in itself so it'll be pulling in a couple of million regardless. Even before they get to the live shows where they'll be performing, the series is basically going to be a weekly prime time advertisement for them as a band, as personalities and their success in the industry (Given the show's blueprint is basically finding the next Little Mix). It's going to be like having one of those one off BBC specials that Adele/Ariana etc have had, but like instead being on every weekend during Q4.
  10. Yes, UK time
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  11. Can't wait to get my Jesy cassette
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  12. Are Little Mix and Kylie Minogue really competing for a similar market? Surely the majority of Kylie’s demographic is far older?
  13. Even so, there is only one top spot.
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  14. Less of the "far" please.
  15. It’s not that it isn’t great that we’re potentially getting two great pop albums in one day, but that it is a shame that both acts might not be able to get that #1 spot which would fit them nicely at this point of their careers.

    A #1 album, especially since their only one is Glory Days, mostly due to the usual November releases, would be an incredible accolade for the girls.
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  16. Waiting patiently for someone to substitute the confetti for spaghetti.
  17. Little Mix and Kylie have like 20% overlapping fanbase.
    LM have some gays sure but 80% or so, their core is straight females - going by their show I've attended.
    Kylie is the opposite I'd say.
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  18. to start a rumour they are covering Hillary Duff.
  19. I know it's very divisive (mostly negatively received) here but Bounce Back has aged so well to me. Bop. Jesy's verse is so good.
  20. What's a Bounce Back?
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