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Little Mix - Confetti (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Just heard on BBC that The Search has been cancelled tonight and will hopefully be back soon?!
  2. I need them to make it their sole job signing Confetti until November 13th.

    Edit: but it says it’s sold out?
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  3. Ari


    They said fuck Kylie and Ariana.
  4. They either made a mistake by promoting it when it’s already sold out or the website hasn’t updated yet.
  5. It was announced a few days ago that a couple of crew members have tested positive for Covid-19 so it's postponed until next week.
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  6. I love the fact that this may have no features.
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  7. Oh, must of missed that... was all ready and waiting for the show hahaha oh well! Thank you!
  8. 1) Holiday
    2) Happiness
    3) Break Up Song

    4) That other song that’s been released.
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  9. For me it's:

    1. Happiness
    2. Break Up Song

    3. Holiday

    4. Not a Pop Song.
  10. Me too! If not on the album they’ll probably have some potentials lined up to add in for single releases down the line though.
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  11. We know there’s a Pablo Vittar collab coming soon too, isn’t there?
  12. There is. Likely in the deluxe version of her last album “111”.
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  13. I think they put this up without checking the status of the last batch. Another will probably come soon.
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  14. “I was searching for happiness,
    I was using you to fill up my loneliness”
    Literally the soundtrack to every single gay’s dating life.
  15. This was nice didn’t realise all the groups had moved in together

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  16. Ari


    Ariana single and announcement has been officially announced.
    Praying Sweet Melody isn't a lost cause that'll be overshadowed by both the single and the 2 droplets previously but feeling like it'll be the case and it'll be the hit that got away this era.
  17. Jesy’s bundle has sold out too now.
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  18. Ari


    Basically I cannot emphasise how much I love Sweet Melody and want it to get the recognition it deserves lol.
  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Okay but on the first clip there's 4 girls talking and then one robot in a pink suit?
  20. And now Leigh Anne’s is sold out as well.
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