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Little Mix - Confetti (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Do you like it more than Happiness?
  2. There’s a wider view version of the vertical video to BUS on Vimeo and it looks gorgeous in 1080P instead of 480p on YT. It’s so unjust that it didn’t get the proper video treatment it deserved, the song is like a sugar rush!
  3. Happiness is very very good isn’t it?
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  4. Wow I missed a lot!
    Not A Pop Song is cute. I kinda love the production, especially the acoustic guitar, the melodies are catchy as hell, especially the chorus, and the vocals are great. The lyrics are fine, and I think some of y'all are doing a bit too much on the song overall, but I'm also someone who consistently has time for and enjoys their most hated and least liked songs across their albums so I guess I know nothing. Its definitely not one of their worst though.
    Happiness - whew, a BOP. Love everything about it, especially the lyrics and how joyful it feels. I still rank it below Break Up Song and Holiday, but that's mostly because it's still so new and I need to replay it more. I do feel that between these four - especially if Not A Pop Song is the lowest moment on the album - this is shaping up to be their best one yet, and the criticisms I've been seeing in the thread have got me very confused.

    Random, but I hope they have another friendship song on the album. I always enjoy those.

    I haven't been able to watch The Search so I've pretty much ignored the discussion surrounding it ddd.
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  5. Ari


    See this is a tricky one that I thought of instantly after hearing Happiness.
    Personally, I feel both tracks are that different that they can’t be compared. However, I do know that they will be compared and I do worry that people will think and like Sweet Melody lesser after having listened to Happiness as a buzz single and having that surprise and shock factor of how good it was.

    I think Sweet Melody (from what I’ve decided to hear of the album since I’m purposely trying to leave as much of it as a surprise) is a perfect October single which has a strong and uplifting (yet also dark and eery) beat to it where I can see why it’s described as “Touch part 2” by Jade and can expect stunning visuals to cosied with it (and do think Jade’s recent crown picture is from it, but could be massively wrong) and I do prefer it to Happiness, but for different reasons other than it just being better.

    In an ideal world I would’ve swapped Holiday and Happiness around singles wise and I wouldn’t have released 2 buzz singles before the 3rd single that’s dropping 3 weeks before the album release. I’m hoping it still works in their favour and this song doesn’t go unnoticed or get the “deserved better” fan treatment months later, but I guess time will tell and we just have to cross our fingers and go hard in streaming it ourselves for the best outcome that we can do.
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  6. Do we know if Bounce Back is on the album?
  7. No, Bounce Back was more part of an LM5 add on.
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  8. Ooh you’ve heard it how ?
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  9. Isn't How Ya Doin' one of their only 2 singles without a certification?
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  10. That, Word Up and One I've Been Missing
  11. It's what she deserves.
  12. W2K


    Happiness is that bitch. Love it.
  13. Whew at their run of eleven consecutive platinum singles from Black Magic to Woman Like Me.
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  14. The stand out songs so far are BUS and Holiday (because of Jade’s bit).

    NAPS is cute but has a One Direction first album feel to it - Actually reminds me of their title track ‘up all night’ . Needs a stronger middle 8.

    Happiness is cute too. But again I feel like it needed a better middle right and more take it away adlibs at the end.
    im talking middle 8 quality of NMSS ( non MGK version ) and Power (non Stormzy version)
    I worry that with all their songs being not much past 3mins that this will be a common observation across all the tracks. Might just be missing another 25 sec to hit home harder.
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  16. They’re coming!
  17. Is that a Sweet Melody teaser? The beat fits the descriptions.
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  18. Ari


    Yes, it's the start of the song.
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  19. I’m guessing the announcement’s coming at 7 or 8?
  20. So I guess that's from the video...ugh it looks promising.
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