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Little Mix - Confetti (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Ari


    I'm curious if that's an old video they've used from the Joan Of Arc set filming, or they've re-filmed and used some of the same concepts and sets for the music video (which I can totally see working)
  2. Looks like the video is ready and they'll hopefully announce it with a video teaser.

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  3. Just saw it and wish they’d used parts for the official video!
  4. Haven’t they filmed the video for Sweet Melody though so chances are it’s from there?
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  5. Yeah from the set/locations it seems like it'll be a similar vibe studio dance video to Joan if Arc.
  6. So Adele is releasing on Friday too then?
  7. Makes sense since people haven't stopped pestering them online about getting the full Joan of Arc video.
  8. Confused about that. She’s hosting Saturday Night Live next weekend, but it doesn’t say she’ll be performing, does it?
  9. It also reminds me of the Power visuals from The Glory Days tour:

  10. She’s the host, H.E.R. is the musical guest. And on her instagram, Adele says she’s always wanted to host as a stand-alone gig, so while I think Adele music is coming soon, I don’t think she’s releasing on Friday.
  11. I could be reading too much in to it but I think we’ve been getting lil Easter eggs about this, since they filmed the video.

    Every single tour post they’ve made recently has been photos of them in the fire outfits, for the Think About Us performance.

    Have they been secretly and subtlety warning us?
  12. Right! They could’ve really used it to its advantage at the time. I think they realised too because when I see video adverts promoting Confetti on socials, they use the footage from the vertical video and from Holiday...
  13. Apparently Adele could be releasing her album on October 30th, which would mean game over for the girls though.
  14. It’s just speculation at the moment. It’s odd that Adele is on SNL but not performing.
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  15. Oh my god. Stop. We're being fed, but the girls cannot win.
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  16. Mad to think since Little Mix & Adele released at the same time, we've had Get Weird, Glory Days, LM5 and about to get Confetti. We've been fed.
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  17. I’m hoping that Adele doesn’t release before they do

    Feels like they can’t catch a break really
  18. Ari


    I can see Adele dropping her album more likely on the 6th than the 30th, which is even worse.
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  19. Bring the album forward gals
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  20. Just watched it and should have absolutely been launched as a 4:3 visual. Even with 1 set and 4 beauty shots rotated, it's still so striking to me. The subtle changes in color grading are better also.

    They could have made them black & white / halftone and use them for the performance bits in the official video. But oh well!
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