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Little Mix - Confetti / No Time For Tears

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. It reminds me of that meme "you'll never see me agaaaaain".
  2. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Not a Pop Song was hilariously bad whereas Happiness is definitely one of the best things they've released in years. It's 3/4 to me after I couldn't get Holiday out of my head for a few days, though, so I hope the album is more like this and less like Not a Pop Song.
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  3. Not a Pop Song a “career low”? Not when Only You exists.
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  5. I love Only You.
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  6. Sorry but I can’t hear what you all hear in Happiness, it’s meh at best
  7. TMI


    I really like Happiness. Obviously it’s very No Tears To Cry.

    They should have pushed it as a single.
  8. I wouldn't have been mad if they had swapped the release dates of Happiness and Holiday around.
  9. Oh, Happiness is good (thank goodness, I was worried for a second).
  10. Holiday
    Break Up Song / Happiness
    Not A Good Song
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  11. By Christ Happiness needs to get a radio push. The vocals, harmonies and melody are peak Little Mix; this is a brilliant song.
  12. Happiness is screaming out for an old skool Hype Williams video. I'll be on dreamin
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  13. I’m loving I’m living I’m picking it up...
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  14. Yesss loving this.

    This is going to be their best album isn’t it?
  15. LOVE Happiness.

    My ranking would go

    1. Break Up Song
    2. Holiday
    3. Happiness
    4. Not a Pop Song

    If anything, I'm just made up that they're actually releasing another album. I remember when Bounce Back came out and I thought they were just going to release songs sporadically.
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  16. Calling Not A Pop Song a career low when Glory Days has at least 3 of them ddd.
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  18. Break Up Song > Happiness > Holiday > Not a Pop Song
  19. The video isn't available in my country
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