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Little Mix - Confetti / No Time For Tears

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. This is an absolute delight. Faceless, sure, but as fun a bop as can be.
  2. Well...Only You won.
  3. I like it more after repeated listens. It's not the kind of song I want from them but I hope it's a hit at least.
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  4. An absolute bop, I'll be surprised if this doesn't hit number 1 at some point
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  5. The way 'No Time For Tears' has bigger and better across the board support than any of the 3 Little Mix singles did on their first day. RCA really do need to watch and learn. They also didn't bother to discount Sweet Melody again.
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  6. The only thing I'm not a fan of is that the vocals sound weirdly muffled for a lot of the song? An interesting production choice.
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  7. I also noticed this, but in this case. I'll take it to see the girls have a go at another #1.
  8. People just don't use studios anymore dd.
    They just sing stuff at a MacBook and then the muffling happens.
  9. 1 on iTunes! Love to see it.

    Already the cover on Dance playlists and straight into the top spot on them too, one in particular has over double the likes that Hot Hits UK has.
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  10. Did I wake up and immediately put this on repeat?

    Maybe Absolutely so.
  11. I love this. The chorus reminds me of something though and it's killing me.

    Edit: found it

    I'm glad this iconic song could inspire the Mixers.
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  12. What a bop. Love it.
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  13. Ironically, when they announced their Cheat Codes collaboration, I was excited for a massive smash in-between album in line with their collab with Demi Lovato (which is similar to a lot of Jax Jones stuff at the time). We then got Only You, which didn't hit me straight away but I quickly grew to love it as a song but always thought it was a missed opportunity.

    Cut to their next DJ collaboration and on paper this is everything I wanted from their Cheat Codes song and yet I find this extremely dull, faceless and generic.

    I reckon because they are still in their Confetti era, it seems like a step back from what we've been getting singles-wise. Maybe I'd feel differently if it was released after Confetti was done, not sure... But I'm so disappointed with No Time for Tears. But like most things Little Mix-related it'll grow on me.

    I listened to it a few times and I still can't remember how it goes. I'll just stream Sweet Melody for now...
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  14. I am an absolute sucker for a DJ dance banger. But i just cant even listen to this.
    I prefer Nathans other work to be honest
  15. Only You is a million times better than this.
  16. Perrie's vocals on that final chorus
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  17. I can't help but feel I would enjoy the song more had it come out at a different time. It's such an odd choice to release a DJ collab when the album just came out and Sweet Melody is still smashing. It's a nice song but I agree with alot of other comments, it's pretty faceless.
  18. The straight men complaining in the replies. Love it.
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  19. Only Bore lost. No Time For Tears is it huns!

    Makes me want to be shoved in the queue for an overpriced vodka coke at a terrible straight club to be honest. In the best way.
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