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Little Mix - Confetti / No Time For Tears

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. I don’t even think it would be Top 50 without the Christmas songs which is disappointing.
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  2. I wasn't expecting top 20 but thought it could edge into the top 50. The last weekend of November is when Christmas songs really ramp up on streaming but I fully expect it'll hang around for a while before climbing in January.
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  3. They should make the merch bundle available to buy
  4. Ouch.
  5. Watching Gary Barlow on Graham Norton.

    Him ever having the nerve to criticise the girls’ vocals is one of those really absurd facts of pop history.

    Yes I am still bitter.
  6. Was now really the right time to release a new single? They probably should have waited to swoop in for the post-Christmas lull. They’re not gonna get a look in on Spotify for at least month.
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  7. Da fuck. I was expecting this to be a Top 10 debut at the very least!
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  8. That's specifically why they released it now, because songs that have been bubbling under over the Christmas period usually have a massive increase at the start of January.
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  9. It’s a bop, Perrie sounds great!
    The chorus does remind me of Rather Be quite a bit though.
    I wonder whether we’ll get a live performance of this at some point, maybe next year?
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  10. If instead of two Number 1s (kii) we end up with both songs sabotaging each-other...
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  11. Maybe it’s not doing that well on Spotify because it’s a bit shit.
  12. Yeah, I don’t think that’s it.
  13. RMK


    Is it on Top Hits? Weird it would be so low.
  14. Spotify was offline for a lot of the day.
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  15. Because being a bit shit hinders songs from charting well? I think not
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  16. I know that’s not really how these things work, but I would argue it does kind of matter when a group has 2 singles out at the same time and one is clearly superior the other one is going to get cannibalized.
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  17. Maybe your post only has one like because this opinion is a bit shit!!
  18. My post actually has many more legal likes than all of the posts praising the song, but there is massive liker fraud taking place trying to disenfranchise my opinion!
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  19. Me when I saw that Spotify are trying to claim this only had 98,993 streams on its first day when I listened it more than that by myself.
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  20. The livestream with giveaways Nathan did tonight was actually quite good. He seems like a lovely guy, clearly he feels very lucky to have a collab with the girls and wants it to do as well as possible.

    He mentioned during the livestream that there was a long campaign ahead for the song and asked for all of the fans support, the tactic really seems to be to keep it bubbling under during December and hopefully have a smash in January.
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