Little Mix - Confetti Tour 2022

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Couldn’t find a thread for this so thought I’d start one to keep spoilers away from the main Little Mix thread for those who don’t want to see them.

5 days to go!

This will be my first matinee Little Mix show! Which works out as me seeing them on a Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Saturday night - 3 times in 24 hours!

For Glory Days at Glasgow, I did the same and let me tell you by Saturday night I was goosed. I don’t know how the girls do it, I was exhausted haha.
I swear, I'm going to Las Vegas next week but I'm more excited to finally witness this the night before I go!

I think I'm going to try and stay out of this thread until then though, so going to get all the posting about it out of me before tomorrow evening! Although, I can't decide if I want to go in to it blind or at least know the setlist. It's win/win anyway!

I'm really intrigued to see what they do with Jesy's parts, they really bodied Break Up Song without her so it's exciting to see what new life they bring to older songs.

I really hope they do their discography a service and cover what they can. I need Wings, Black Magic, No More Sad Songs, Move and then from Confetti, the singles of course (Break Up Song and Holiday will go off!) and Heartbreak Anthem was my song of 2021, I can't wait to hear it.

I hope they do some sort of Megamix, to make up for that awful studio version. I still to this day go back to Girls Aloud' Out Of Control Tour mix.

I really hope they record some of the shows. Going back to Girls Aloud, I still watch the TEN tour now and again, a professional recording of this would tie us over for a couple of years, I'm sure!

I'm going on, but can't wait to spend weeks (it is going on for weeks!) in this thread watching and reading about the shows!
I wish I had the will power to go spoiler free but I will be furiously refreshing this thread and probably Twitter tomorrow night so, yeah!
That “Always” shirt is beautiful. I absolutely would’ve bought it if I went.

Though my eye twitched at the placing reissue bonus tracks “If I Get My Way” and “Dear Lover” before original bonus tracks “Beep Beep” and “Freak”. (And technically the Between Us tracks are out of tracklist order as well but I am gonna assume they are counting those as non-album tracks so it went by single release).
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