Little Mix - Confetti Tour 2022

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This will be the first tour of theirs that I actually get to go to. I saw them open for Demi and Ariana in the US and I had tickets to the Salute Tour but we all know what happened there.

I kind of wish they had fully rebranded it to a Between Us tour because I do not need to hear Gloves Up but if Happiness is on the set list that will make up for it. I’m also hoping for Cut You Off but they’ve got a lot of hits to packs into one tour so I think that is a long shot.
I’m so excited to see them in Dublin on Tuesday. It’s also the first time I’m going to see them live.

I’m so glad I went ahead and bought resale tickets last month on ticket master as this is going to be their last tour for the foreseeable.

I was a Girls Aloud stan when I was younger but in some ways was too young to appreciate their music at the time. It’s only now how much I realise how big a part Little Mix music played in my college/partying years. Getting my absolute life to Touch and Power in the gay clubs 3 nights a week.

It’s sad to think of the gap there will be now but so excited to see their solo projects take off.
I wouldn’t be surprised if they open with “Touch” for this tour and have a similar edit to that when they performed it on “The Search”.
As much as any opening they do is going to be great (let’s be honest) - they’ve done a Touch opening before so I wonder if they’re going with a song they’ve never used.

Heartbreak Anthem would still be my first choice I think.
Interested to see what their demographic is like these days. I imagine their first batch of Ellas should be in their late teens/early twenty's now but they do seem to pick up new young fans each era which should bode well for them when they eventually reunite.
I seem to recall the girls saying they wanted to open with Gloves Up and come in from different areas of the arena like a boxing match? Wouldn't be surprised to see that as opening.
I can see a mash up of Gloves Up and Power as the opener, or maybe with it being the last tour (for now) they'll take it right back and open with Wings?
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