Little Mix - Confetti Tour 2022

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I wonder if Holiday will be in a video interlude? We definitely heard it playing when Jade was having her earplugs fitted.

The inclusion of Move is fantastic news, even if we don’t have Cut You Off!
Trying not to judge the setlist too much yet until we see interludes and other things they may have up their sleeve.
I still think the encore would have been better as Between Us followed by Wings, but we’ll see!
Currently listening to the spotify setlist and it flows very well.

Hope they’ll film the tour and release it on bluray and not only as a useless Itunes release I can’t even watch properly on my TV. Last time I watched a part of it, I was in the toilet.
I don't really see a point for Reggaeton Lento unless the girls enjoy it. *Maybe* it's shortened, but it's a feature that doesn't even seem to be garnering many streams nowadays.
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