Little Mix - Confetti

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Shame Jesy won't be there - she's consistently been the best of the girls when it comes to 'judging' and as others have said, calling it like it is. I have huge respect for Jesy, and bought the Jesy picture disc + cassette bundle just cause I felt like being extra stan-like. Hope she's alright and it's something temporary.
9. A Mess (Happy 4 U)
10. If You Want My Love
11. Rendezvous
12. My Love Won't Let You Down
13. Breathe

A simple tracklist change but makes so much sense and makes each track stand out with a strong flow from one to the next.
Also using this cover art.


Very simple changes but these simple and small changes make the album and tracks more enjoyable as well as actually feeling like an album.
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It’s a bit of a shame that we won’t get a full member performance of Sweet Melody for the 2nd time in a row, but hopefully Jesy heals up.
I finally listened to it in full track to track on a walk, as a whole it’s quite dark I don’t know how to describe it - it’s not poppy, it would be a great album to play while driving in the dark. It sounds very British rather than American pop if that makes sense like taking influence from grime and garage a bit.

Do I think it’s their best? No, but it still slaps and I like Happiness so much!!!
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Why wouldn’t it be? It already sounds like very high sales to me.

Kylie and Little Mix have really both went and outdone Ariana’s and Sam’s full first week with preorder and first day numbers without streaming. British pop legends! Both defying industry odds to be honest.

1 Kylie Minogue - 30,242
2 Little Mix - 27,653

1 Ariana Grande - 27,472
2 Sam Smith - 23,755
Really impressed by both Little Mix and Kylie's selling power - since a big reaction when Ariana announced her release was "oh well, neither of them will get the number one now". Legends!
And you know I'd be lyin'
if I said I don't feel nothin' at all, oh-oh
I've been tryna be the bigger person
But it's hard when I've been feelin' so small
And nobody knows

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