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Little Mix - Confetti

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. I knew things were changing with the release of Black Magic but when i knew they were MASSIVE was that X Factor performance of Shout Out To My Ex.


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  2. The difference is it’s a vinyl reissue of the album.
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  3. Oh I definitely wasn’t a fan of the Sweet Melody cover, the looks from the video definitely deserved to be on their somehow
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  4. I always remembered them being low-key successful but not huge at first, then in 2015 they started feeling really huge, like in 2012-2014 I’d hear them being played every now and then. I didn’t take too much notice.

    Then in 2017 I got out of a taxi with my mates. ‘Power’ was playing on the radio as we got out, then I heard ‘Hair’ immediately playing from this bar, and then like 20 minutes later Shout Out To My Ex came on in one of those quids in students nights I went to at this other bar. I remember thinking like, they are literally inescapable and possibly the biggest act in the UK right now alongside Ed Sheeran. At the time I remember all my mates being like ‘oh god my little sisters and all their friends listen to this etc’. People always spoke about them to me.
    From 2015-2017 they were so huge. I still think they’re doing incredible in terms of success now, but they were ridiculously big around that time. For a girlband that came from X Factor, it’s so amazing.
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  6. Seconded.

    I always knew they were doing incredibly well but this performance made it hit for me that they are the IT group of the UK and absolutely huge.
  7. It was Black Magic at the Brits for me.

    Crazy to think that they've basically been the only successful UK pop group for several years now.
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  8. The Shout Out performance at the X-Factor also feels like the shows last big performance. I'm not from the UK, but I remember how excited I was to watch the guests perform and the Shout Out performance felt like the last big one from its heyday.
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  9. Can someone who has knowledge tell me (because I have zero knowledge) if RCA UK has the power for an international push.

    It’s just when I seen a few comments (and constantly on Twitter) of the lack of international promo, I was just wondering if RCA UK have that power, purely based on their title being “RCA UK.”

    Probably a really stupid question but I am not 100% up to speed on what labels can and can’t do etc.

    All I know for sure is that Columbia handles their North American releases and they’ve been pretty shit.
  10. This is when I laminated my stan card

  11. Leigh mentions she sees even more potential for a sexy vibe and choreo / Sweet Melody vibes on their next release/video. Let's hope that came into fruition.

    They answer a lot of interesting questions and talk about their future too.

    Jade saying Oops is her least favourite song in their catalogue basically confirms she hates Charlie (as one should).
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  12. It's far from my favourite single of theirs but, yeah, as a moment I can't think of anything as intoxicating as the old-school premiere of 'Shout Out to My Ex' on X-Factor and just how fucking huge the whole thing felt. The entrance, the staging, the confidence, how much fun they were having and then watching it storm to #1 that same week, with less than a full tracking week at that.

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  13. The way that all of the musical industry big wigs are literally gagged as they ride in on their thrones. That indie group Blossoms completely flabbergasted by it all.

    Their sheer power.
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  14. Imagine if we'd gotten a cover of Shackles instead of Word Up!.
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  15. I could watch the Shout Out To My Ex performance on X Factor on repeat. The word “iconic” gets thrown around a lot but that truly was iconic.

    Edit: I laminated my stan card the week of this performance

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  16. Shout out to my ex premiere performance on xfactor was the one for me.

    It was massive! The anticipation was huge.
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  17. It's almost perfect but that tree(?) on the back screams high school production prop.
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  18. I think Confetti is recently becoming my fave album of theirs.

    The singles in particular (alongside Confetti, Happiness and A Mess (Happy 4 U) are all in rotation daily and are such tunes that never get old. It’s their most enjoyable, care-free album for me I think, and just boosts my mood up so much.
  19. RMK


    It's interesting they didn't mention an album as a three piece. Guess it might be singles for the year, and an inevitable hiatus.
  20. Not gonna lie, it stung hearing them unappreciating 'If You Want My Love'.
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