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Little Mix - Confetti

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPMA, Nov 19, 2019.

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  1. This is so cool wow an iconic crossover! It’s probably just a songwriting collab for TWICE’s upcoming album.
  2. Literally been staring at this for 5 minutes wondering how you can like a tweet twice.
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  3. Confetti only dropped a place to #13 in today’s midweek update.

    Come through Top 15 debut!
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  4. It was already #13 so it hasn't dropped!
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  5. Nice to see Confetti back in the Top 30 (midweeks at #28).
  6. If they can get another top 10 out of this I'll be thrilled. The single is one of their best and it would be lovely for them to know they're loved and accepted as a trio.

    Justice for Holiday though.
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  8. I honestly wish these articles would stop. Unnecessary drama and I couldn’t care if the girls aren’t speaking, people move on when they leave their work place. It’s sad but they are grown woman.
  9. Not The S*n

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  10. 2014

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  11. Oh I'm sorry, I just posted because usually The Sun is pretty accurate with the girls. I honestly feel like their team feeds them the news as they have exclusive on them 99% of the time (weren't them the first ones to spill Confetti as a single and details of the video?).
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  12. Both acts have moved on, it's sad if that's true but we should just enjoy what they offer from now on and that's it.

    The S*n always has the correct tea lately though
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  13. Sorry I meant since the #12 position it was at on Sunday.

    I can definitely see this getting some longevity and sticking around for a while.
  14. I mean I know people have been told off for suggesting it, but there's clearly some bad blood between the two camps at the moment. But I doubt it won't be anything that can't be sorted in the future, relationships go up and down all the time.
  15. I mean Jesy has made it pretty clear that being in Little Mix was toxic for her specifically, so it makes sense why she’d distance herself from the environment, which unfortunately includes the girls. And likewise it’s okay for the girls to be hurt by that as well.

    Like others have said, I’m sure in a few years (or maybe even less than that), they’ll come together again because I doubt there’s any proper juicy beef between them, other than what is obvious. I couldn’t imagine any Geri vs Mel B kind of butting heads happening between them.
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  16. What makes people think they got along that well when they were all in the band together? From watching their old interviews, I always got the impression Jesy wasn’t necessarily easy to be around. She’s volatile, unpredictable and the other girls seemed to be stepping on egg shells around her. Yes, she brought the most personality and energy (on her on days) but they never convinced me that they all liked each other and were best of friends.
  17. Ok, so it's true that The Sun is usually a reliable source when it comes to the girls, but 'thinly veiled jibes in interviews'? Like, where?
  18. If society saw pop groups as coworkers instead of best friends, I feel like this kind of gossip wouldn’t be so prevalent.
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  19. Why is Jesy distancing herself from the others news? She wanted out and staying in touch would be toxic in itself. Sometimes in order to heal you have to disconnect from what hurt you in the first place. It's as if some people want her to torture herself?

    Of course, the girls would feel hurt if she is rejecting their attempts at reaching out, but at the end of the day, she needs the space to focus on herself.
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