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What makes people think they got along that well when they were all in the band together? From watching their old interviews, I always got the impression Jesy wasn’t necessarily easy to be around. She’s volatile, unpredictable and the other girls seemed to be stepping on egg shells around her. Yes, she brought the most personality and energy (on her on days) but they never convinced me that they all liked each other and were best of friends.
I mean Jesy would have her moments where it was quite clear something was off but for the most part in interviews you could easily tell that there was a genuine bond and friendship between all four of them . This interview alone proves that.
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If society saw pop groups as coworkers instead of best friends, I feel like this kind of gossip wouldn’t be so prevalent.

I tend to agree, but when part of the marketing of the group is how close they all are of course there’s going to be gossip when they split. I mean I make no pretence that I tolerate my coworkers at work and want nothing to do with them once I leave the office.
If y'all watched Jesy's documentary, you'll see that her relationship with the girls wasn't always positive. When they were in the studio recording for Bounce Back, Jesy kept beating herself down because she thought her verse wasn't good enough even though the girls and StarGate said that it was; she ended up recording several takes before she was happy with her performance. Jade (or Perrie), if I recall correctly, said that Jesy's not easy to work with because she's always worried about not being good enough and doesn't have the same expectations as them when it comes to their work.

Their working relationship, understandably, would become strained over time because they're four individuals with different personalities. It wouldn't have been easy for the girls to have always compromised for Jesy's perfectionism and image issues. Likewise, it was unfair for Jesy to guilt-trip herself for being miserable around three girls who were probably living their best life during promotional cycles. My view of their relationship is that they were simply co-workers who became great friends, but as time went on, it also became toxic.

It's understandable that Jesy would want to distance herself from the girls because she'd be triggered by what happened and what could've been had she stayed. As a fan, I'm sad about it because I've seen their relationship evolve over the years, but I'm also hopeful that there's a reconciliation down the line.
Just chiming in as a casual, getting sold on the idea of these heavily marketed, media trained corporate funded groups was exactly what I was scared of before getting into certain groups (well, I’m in deep shit now ddd).

In general, I feel what keeps friendships going even after co-workers/classmates part ways is actually having a lot of common interests outside of work, and when a lot of the memories of said job aren’t that good at the moment... well. That said, the girls look like mostly positive, well adjusted individuals and I can’t see them to be the types to let a huge part of their lives stay tainted after a little distance.
I mean Jesy would have her moments where it was quite clear something was off but for the most part in interviews you could easily tell that there was a genuine bond and friendship between all four of them . This interview alone proves that.

This interview is very old. I think it’s pretty clear things started to really fall apart around Bounce Back.
Oh I'm sorry, I just posted because usually The Sun is pretty accurate with the girls. I honestly feel like their team feeds them the news as they have exclusive on them 99% of the time (weren't them the first ones to spill Confetti as a single and details of the video?).
I just don’t know why their team feeds the s*n, I just don’t get why they’d stoop so low to leak thinks and sell stories all the time. Like, with Confetti video the girls seemed excited to say there was a surprise in the video but it was already out they were going to be men in the video. I just don’t get it! They don’t need articles from such gossip papers to succeed. Their management, pr whoever is doing it needs to get with the times and realise selling stories is not needed in this day and age!
That doesn’t mean they weren’t getting on though ? We’ll agree to disagree cause I feel like this will potentially go round in circles .

Nah, they were always close. Bounce Back era; Perrie and Jesy sharing hotel room after a show and being completely chill and funny. The bit at the 13:00 mark when they accidentally turn on the front camera sends me dddd

It's not as black and white as this though. Things can "begin to take a turn" but you can also continue to get along with certain coworkers or have good days.

Jesy was all smiles onstage but is in interviews talking about how miserable she was an a 4.5/10 confidence level. Chirpy interviews or social media clips doesn't mean things were great. They could still have been having a great time and doing well as a team, that doesn't mean there wasn't some additional tension and the "beginning of the end" behind the scenes.
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